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Spring Crafts and Hands-on Activities Your Kids Will Love

Looking for fun spring crafts for kids? Look no further! This list of fun spring hands-on activities will inspire you!

If April showers bring May flowers, then these fun spring crafts for kids will bring smiles and sunshine to your homeschool days. Whether you need hands-on activities like sensory bins or creative crafts, this list will help you out.

spring crafts for kids and fun activities

Spring is a time of renewal and vibrancy, making it the perfect season to engage children in fun and educational activities. From crafting colorful flowers to exploring the great outdoors, there are countless ways to celebrate the arrival of spring with your little ones. When it comes to spring crafts and activities, you’re bound to find something to love in this list!

Spring Crafts and Hands-on Activities for Kids

DIY Spring Memory Game – Fireflies and Mudpies

Memory games are not only enjoyable but also beneficial for improving cognitive skills. Create your own spring-themed memory game using images of flowers, animals, and other seasonal symbols. It’s a fantastic way to stimulate memory and concentration while having fun.

Spring Fine Motor Activity – Pre-K Pages

Fine motor skills are essential for children’s development, and what better way to enhance them than with spring-themed activities? From threading flowers onto pipe cleaners to picking up small objects with tweezers, there are numerous engaging activities to help little ones strengthen their fine motor skills.

Spring Garden Fine Motor Activity – Hands on as We Grow

Encourage your child’s creativity with a garden-themed fine motor activity. Planting seeds, digging in the soil, and watering plants not only promote fine motor skills but also foster a love for nature and gardening.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Spring Craft – Fun-a-Day

Let your child’s artistic talents shine with a colorful tissue paper stained glass craft. This hands-on activity allows children to explore colors and textures while creating beautiful spring-themed artwork to display at home.

3D Printable Umbrella Spring Craft – Arty Crafty Kids

Get creative with a 3D printable umbrella craft that will add a pop of color to any room. Children can decorate their umbrellas with paint, markers, or stickers, making each one unique and personalized.

Paper Plate Flowers – A Cultivated Nest

Transform ordinary paper plates into vibrant flowers with this simple yet delightful craft. Children can practice their cutting and gluing skills while creating a beautiful bouquet of spring blooms.

Fine Motor Daffodil Craft – Stay at Home Educator

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a daffodil craft that focuses on fine motor skills. Children will enjoy cutting, coloring, and assembling their own cheerful daffodils to brighten up any space.

Spring Button Flowers – Creative Family Fun

Put those spare buttons to good use with a charming button flower craft. Children can sort and arrange buttons of different sizes and colors to create their own unique floral designs.

Snippy Chicks Scissor Skills – I Can Teach My Child

Help children develop their scissor skills with this adorable chick-themed activity. Cutting along the dotted lines to create fluffy chicks is not only fun but also great for honing fine motor coordination.

Spring Flower Sensory Bottle – Kids Craft Room

Create a mesmerizing sensory experience for children with a spring flower sensory bottle. Filled with colorful flowers and water, this sensory bottle provides a calming and stimulating activity for little ones to explore.

Spring Tracing and Coloring Pages – Itsy Bitsy Fun

Enhance children’s fine motor skills and creativity with spring-themed tracing and coloring pages. From flowers to butterflies, these printable activities are perfect for quiet, focused play.

Spring Tree Play Dough Invitation to Play – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Spark imaginative play with a spring tree play dough invitation. Children can mold and shape play dough into trees, flowers, and other springtime elements, fostering creativity and sensory exploration.

Make a Kite – About a Mom

Take advantage of windy spring days by making and flying a kite with your child. Building a kite together is not only a fun bonding activity but also an opportunity to learn about aerodynamics and weather.

Seed Bombs – Natural Beach Living

Teach children about gardening and environmental stewardship with seed bombs. These compact balls of soil and seeds can be thrown into outdoor spaces to help beautify the environment and support pollinators.

Bees and Flowers Shape Matching – Tot Schooling

Engage children in a fun and educational activity with bees and flowers shape matching. This hands-on game encourages children to match bee-shaped cards with corresponding flower shapes, reinforcing shape recognition and fine motor skills.

Spring Preschool Worksheets – Planes and Balloons

Keep young learners engaged with spring-themed preschool worksheets. From counting to tracing, these printable activities cover a range of early learning skills in a fun and interactive way.

Spring Pattern Block Mats – Fun Learning For Kids

Foster mathematical thinking and creativity with spring pattern block mats. Children can use pattern blocks to create colorful spring-themed designs, promoting spatial awareness and pattern recognition.

Spring Movement Game Using Plastic Eggs – Creative Little Explorers

Get kids moving and grooving with a spring movement game using plastic eggs. Hide small objects inside plastic eggs and encourage children to find and perform the corresponding movement, promoting physical activity and coordination.

Flower Roll and Color Activity – Fun Learning For Kids

Combine art and math with a flower roll and color activity. Children roll dice, count the dots, and color the corresponding petals on a flower worksheet, reinforcing counting and number recognition skills.

Count to 10 Bugs Coloring Book – 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Inspire children’s creativity while reinforcing counting skills with a count to 10 bugs coloring book. Each page features a different bug for children to color and count, making learning fun and engaging.

Don’t forget to complement these spring activities with some delightful spring-themed books for kids. Whether it’s tales of blooming flowers, buzzing bees, or playful animals enjoying the season, reading together is a wonderful way to celebrate spring and inspire young minds.

With these engaging activities and a touch of creativity, you can make this spring a season to remember for your children. Whether indoors or outdoors, there’s plenty of fun to be had as you welcome the beauty and vitality of springtime together. Happy crafting and exploring!

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    1. Glad this gave you some ideas! We used to live much farther north and spring was always about a month or two later than everywhere else, so I know what you mean. Hope you have fun with these activities and crafts!

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