Make Your Own Flower Crayons {Recycle DIY}

Make your own flower crayons with this fun recycled crayons craft project with melted crayons!

If you’re like us, you probably have a ton of crayons around the house. Some are in good condition, some not so much. Have you ever tried recycling those crayon bits into new crayons? This is the project you need! Making them into flower-shaped crayons is a really fun idea for spring and summer, too. My girls love these homemade flower crayons from recycled crayons!

recycled crayons, DIY flower shaped crayons

Anything flower-related is always popular with my girls, like this Friendship Flower Craft or these cupcake liner flowers. We don’t miss an opportunity to make something pretty whenever we have the chance.

While you’ve got the crayon bits out, you’ll also want to give this melted crayon art a try!

homemade crayons | recycled crayons | DIY flower crayons for kids

Homemade Flower Crayons from Recycled Crayons

Now you can use the old bits of crayons you have around, but if you want specific colors or you’re making these as party favors with a certain color scheme, you can use new crayons.

homemade crayons | recycled crayons | DIY flower crayons for kids

Crayola crayons (64 pack has great pastels)
Flower shaped silicone mold
Sharp knife*

You will also need-
Oven mitts

*You might need to remove the crayon wrappers with a knife, so do this ahead of time so kids won’t get cut with the knife.

homemade crayons | recycled crayons | DIY flower crayons for kids

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. (Parent step)To remove the wrappers from your crayons, carefully score the crayon wrapper with a knife from top to bottom and the wrapper should slide right off (some you will have to use your nails and peel off)
3. Break your crayons in small pieces
4. Place your broken crayons inside the molds
5. Put your molds in the oven, cook for about 8 minutes

homemade crayons | recycled crayons | DIY flower crayons for kids

6. Carefully take your tray out of the oven with oven mits and set on a flat surface until they start to slightly harden then transfer to the freezer for around 20 minutes
7. Carefully remove the crayons from your molds by pressing up on the bottoms and they are ready to use!

homemade crayons | recycled crayons | DIY flower crayons for kids

Have you ever made recycled crayons like this?

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homemade crayons | recycled crayons | DIY flower crayons for kids


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