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20+ Fun Flower Crafts for Kids

Flower crafts for kids can brighten any day and bring some fun hands-on activities into your daily routine. This list of fun and simple flower crafts has something for everyone, right down to the littlest ones.

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flower crafts for kids

My daughters love creative projects and so do I! I’ve found some great ideas that we’re planning to try so I wanted to share them. Flowers are a favorite sign of spring so enjoy these to bring a little color into your days! They’re also great for summertime crafting to beat the heat or on a rainy day.

Before you start crafting, you’ll also want to download these fun and free printable flower coloring pages! Just click the image and enter your email for instant access:

Easy Flower Crafts for Kids

  1. Cupcake Liner Flower Craft For Kids
    Using colorful cupcake liners, children can create vibrant and textured flowers. This craft is perfect for developing fine motor skills and exploring different shapes and colors.
  2. Bright And Colorful Flower Craft For Kids
    With just paper and a few other basic materials, kids can make bright and cheerful flowers to decorate their space. This craft encourages creativity and allows children to experiment with color combinations.
  3. Cupcake Liner Flowers
    Another take on cupcake liner flowers, this craft adds a twist with button centers. It’s a fantastic way to repurpose everyday materials and create something beautiful.
  4. Fake Flower Craft For Kids
    For a longer-lasting option, try making fake flowers using simple crafting supplies. This craft not only allows for endless customization but also teaches children about different flower shapes and structures.
  5. Paper Flower Craft
    Paper flowers are timeless classics, and this craft tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to creating them. From roses to daisies, the possibilities are endless with just paper and glue.
  6. Cotton Rounds Flower Craft For Kids
    Explore texture and volume with this unique craft using cotton rounds. It’s a fantastic sensory experience for younger children and results in fluffy, whimsical flowers.
  7. Paper Plate Flowers For Toddlers
    Toddlers can get in on the floral fun with this easy paper plate flower craft. With minimal supplies required, it’s perfect for little hands to practice their crafting skills.
  8. Paper Watercolor Flowers Craft For Kids
    Combine the beauty of watercolors with the charm of paper flowers in this creative craft project. Children can experiment with different painting techniques to create stunning floral masterpieces.
  9. Sweet Lollipop Flowers
    Edible crafts are always a hit with kids, and these lollipop flowers are no exception. With just a few candies and some craft supplies, children can make delightful treats that also double as decorations.
  10. Printable Spring Flower Coloring Craft
    Unleash your child’s artistic talents with printable flower coloring crafts. This activity provides endless opportunities for creativity and can be enjoyed by children of all ages.
  11. Craft Stick Spring Flower Craft
    Craft sticks are versatile materials for crafting, and this spring flower project is no exception. Children can mix and match colors and patterns to create their own unique blooms.
  12. Feather Flower Craft
    Add a touch of whimsy to your crafting session with feather flowers. This craft encourages children to explore different textures and experiment with unconventional materials.
  13. Snowdrop Tissue Paper Flowers
    Celebrate the beauty of delicate snowdrops with this tissue paper flower craft. It’s a wonderful way to teach children about seasonal flowers and their significance.
  14. Tissue Paper Flower Lollipops
    Combine tissue paper and lollipops to create charming flower lollipops. This craft is perfect for parties or as special gifts for friends and family.
  15. California Poppy Magnets
    Learn about California’s state flower while creating adorable poppy magnets. This craft doubles as a fun geography lesson and a colorful addition to any refrigerator.
  16. Painted Spring Flower Craft
    Let your child’s imagination bloom with this painted spring flower craft. Children can experiment with different painting techniques and create their own garden of colorful flowers.
  17. I Love You Because Mothers Day Craft Flowers
    Celebrate Mother’s Day with a heartfelt flower craft that doubles as a meaningful gift. Children can personalize each flower with reasons why they love their mom, making it a truly special keepsake.
  18. Rolled Paper Carnation Tutorial
    Follow this tutorial to create stunning rolled paper carnations. This craft is perfect for older children who are looking for a more challenging project.
  19. Flower T-shirt Rings 
    Turn old t-shirts into fashionable flower rings with this creative craft idea. It’s a fantastic way to upcycle clothing and create unique accessories.
  20. Hyacinth Pipe Cleaner craft
    This craft not only encourages creativity and fine motor skills but also allows children to explore color combinations and floral arrangements. Whether used as decorations or given as gifts, these pipe cleaner hyacinths are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.
  21. Recycled Crayon Flowers
    Made from a combination of broken crayon pieces and silicone molds, these flower-shaped crayons are eco-friendly, pretty, and fun to use!

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Craft Supplies

If you’re looking for flower craft supplies, here’s a list of our favorite supplies:

Pipe cleaners:

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Pom poms with googly eyes:

  • Size: About 1inch (2.5cm) in diameter
  • Color: Assorted colors Pom Poms about 300pcs/bag
  • Let Your Kid Be Creative: The pom poms crafts can be applied to create toy, garland, wreaths gifts, art projects, neckla…

Tacky glue:

  • An incredibly versatile adhesive that works on most craft surfaces
  • Ultra tacky formula holds items on contact, dries permanent and super strong
  • Safe, nontoxic and low odor

Construction paper:

  • BULK CONSTRUCTION PAPER: The 480-count of Crayola Construction Paper features 48 pages (10 unique colors) per pack.
  • CLASSROOM SUPPLIES: This bulk set is ideal for school projects and classroom crafts – a must-have for students and teach…
  • HEAVY DUTY: Sturdy art paper that’s both thick and malleable is conveniently bound into a pad for easy accessibility.
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  • BULK CRAYOLA CRAYONS: Bulk Crayola Crayon Set features 6 Crayon Packs with 24 Assorted Crayola Crayons – 144 Crayons in …
  • CRAYON COLORS: The 24 colors include Apricot, Black, Blue, Bluetiful, Blue Green, Blue Violet, Brown, Carnation Pink, Ce…
  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR TEACHERS: This bulk crayon set is great for teachers to stock up in the classroom and at home craft …
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Colored pencils:

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  • IDEAL FOR COLORING BOOKS: Designed to glide smoothly across the page, these pencils bring coloring books to life.


  • CRAYOLA BROAD LINE MARKERS: Features 40 Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers in assorted colors that offer practicality,…
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  • GOOD MIX OF COLORS: This fine glitter set with 32 vibrant color of unique extra fine glitter had all the colors you need…
  • VERY FINE AND SOFT GIITTER POWDER: Jumbo size, made of polyester, a soft plastic that is safe for nails and skin. You ca…
  • SPARKLY GLITTER JARS: Set of 32 colors of glitter, good amount with 8g each jar

What is your favorite flower craft?


How do you make fake flowers for kids?

You can make fake flowers for kids from construction or tissue paper. Fold or cut flower shapes into the paper. Use glue or wire to hold it together.

How do you make a preschool flower?

Use easy materials such as ribbon, tissue paper, or pre cut strips of paper. Make many loops or accordion folds with glue to make flowers.

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