You pour your heart and soul into homeschooling.

It’s a big job we’ve been called to as moms and homeschool teachers.

It’s a labor of love, an extension of motherhood.

Let me help you find the clarity and confidence you crave so that you’re equipped to carry out that calling with a heart full of peace and joy, even on the tough days.

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Homeschooling with purpose

Your homeschool vision, mission, and mindset are essential elements of purposeful homeschooling. Let’s discover your unique path!

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Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

Heart and Soul Homeschooling is your cozy coffee break (or tea break in my case) on the internet. I’m here to help you find your homeschool groove with the inspiration and encouragement you need to succeed.

Get practical tools and words of wisdom from someone who understands the journey. Let me help you homeschool abundantly!

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