20 Awesome Ice Cream Books for Kids

These ice cream books for kids can be a great addition to your themed book basket, unit study, or morning together time. Who doesn’t like ice cream? Reading these ice cream books for kids will be a treat.

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ice cream books for kids

Ice Cream Books for Kids

Is It Warm Enough for Ice Cream? by DK

A simple and fun introduction to beginner science, covering the themes of weather, temperature, plant life, and the animal kingdom.

Gorilla loves Vanilla by Chae Strathie

Sam’s Sundaes is far and away the best place on Jelly Bean Street to get your favorite ice cream flavor! One day, five animals dash through the door, hoping little Sam Sundae will whip up the ice cream treat of their dreams.

The Little Ice Cream Truck by Margery Cuyler

The Little Ice Cream Truck is loaded up with tasty treats in this new addition to ever-popular The Little Dump TruckThe Little School Bus and The Little Fire Truck series.

ice cream play dough kit
This ice cream play dough kit is adorable and fun sensory pretend play! Click to learn more.

Curious About Ice Cream by Bonnie Bader

Americans eat more ice cream than people in any other country (on average 48 pints per person a year). Where did this cool treat come from? And how did its popularity spread? If you’re curious about all things ice cream, this fun, visual 8 x 8 developed with the food curators at the Smithsonian is now on the menu!

Just One More by Jennifer Hansen Rolli

Sometimes Ruby needs just one more minute of sleep, one more thingy for her hair, one more push on the swing, and one more scoop on her cone, (and one more, and one more, and one more . . .) until one more is just too much.

Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise by Margret and H. A. Rey

George is looking for a way to beat the summer heat. Swimming, running through sprinklers, a glass of lemonade—none can help George cool off! What George really wants is a sweet, cold treat from the ice cream truck, but will he ever catch it?

Ice Cream: the Full Scoop by Gail Gibbons

Gail Gibbons’ books are always among our favorites! Cool and smooth and sweet, ice cream has long been a favourite treat. It cools you off when it’s hot and is too delicious to resist even in cold weather. How did it get to be so scrumptious? Best-selling author/illustrator Gail Gibbons dishes out the latest scoop on ice cream production. Ice cream has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a mixture of snow, milk, and rice. Gail Gibbons details the many firsts in ice cream history, from the earliest ice cream crank to the original waffle cone. Children’s mouths will be watering as they follow ice cream’s journey from farm to factory to freezer.

ice cream sensory bin
This adorable ice cream sensory bin is perfect for pretend play and fine motor skills. Check it out here!

Scoop the Ice Cream Truck by Patricia Keeler

Scoop the Ice Cream Truck has seen a lot of summers selling his vanilla ice cream cones across the city. But he’s getting old, and the new trucks are getting fancier. Now they have waffle cones, jumbo sundaes, flash frozen ice cream, twenty-seven flavors and six special toppings. Feeling like he’s fallen behind, Scoop decides that it’s time for a redesign. But when his old frame can’t handle the new upgrades, can Scoop discover his own value and find the right spot to sell his vanilla cones?

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Scream for Ice Cream by Carolyn Keene

We discovered these early reader Nancy Drew books when my oldest daughter was about 7. She loved them and now her sisters do, too! Nancy and her friends think there is nothing more fun than ice cream in the summer. So when they find out that the owners of the local ice-cream factory are hosting a contest, the Clue Crew can’t wait to enter! Contestants must come up with brand-new flavors. And they can use whatever ingredients they want! Nancy is sure that her entry — Clue Berry — will win! But when a friend’s secret recipe goes missing, Nancy suspects that someone not-so-sweet is up to no good.

Ice Cream Summer by Peter Sis

Savor summer anytime with this breezy, sweet and irresistible picture book from Hans Christian Anderson Award winner and three-time Caldecott Honoree Peter Sís!

The Scoop on Ice Cream! (History of Fun Stuff) by Bonnie Williams

Did you know that immigrants to Ellis Island were served ice cream as part of their first meal in America? Or that George Washington spent more than $200 on ice cream during the summer of 1790? Learn all about the cool history of everyone’s favorite frozen treat in this fun, fact-filled Level 3 reader.

Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems

The endless line of moral dilemmas presented by Willems’ Elephant & Piggie series continues with this ode to the classic conflict between generosity and greed. Wow, is Elephant ever excited about his ice cream cone! (He is so excited his very word balloons are in cone shape.) But should he find Piggie and give her some before it all melts? Swift changes in text and image size provide much of the humor, though nothing is funnier than Elephant’s rationalizing: “Sharing a flavor Piggie does not like would be wrong.”

Ice Cream Soup by Gail Herman

Sam and Pam take their time bringing home ice cream for the family and find a surprise in the package at the end of their journey.

Splat the Cat: I Scream for Ice Cream by Rob Scotton

Splat the Cat and and his class take a field trip to an ice cream factory.

Spike and Cubby’s Ice Cream Island Adventure by Heather Sellers

A dogs-at-sea adventure filled with turbulence, friendship, and plenty of ice cream!

I Scream! Ice Cream!: A Book of Wordles by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

What do “I Scream!” and “Ice Cream!” have in common? Nothing—besides the fact that they sound the same! The ever-surprising Amy Krouse Rosenthal unleashes her prolific wit in this silly and smart book of wordplay.

Sundae Scoop by Stuart J. Murphy

A living math book! Lauren, James, and Emily are helping Winnie the cafeteria lady serve up ice-cream sundaes at the school picnic. (Winnie’s cat Marshmallow is helping, too.) With 2 flavors of ice cream, 2 different sauces, and 2 kinds of toppings, they can make everybody’s favorite sundae. That is, until Lauren spills the sprinkles, and Marshmallow licks up the caramel! How many different combinations can you make from a certain number of items? This important math skill is easy to understand in a story kids will absolutely eat up.

Dragons Love Ice Cream by Brett Fowler

“Dragons Love Ice Cream” is a super fun rhyming book that is perfect for kids that are into Dragons or Dinosaurs. The book contains many teachable moments such as basic counting and color identification, but is mainly just for pure entertainment.

Wemberly’s Ice Cream Star by Kevin Henkes

One hot summer day Wemberly finds that patience — just like a frosty treat — will go a long way. If you like the mouse characters from Owen and Chrysanthemum, you’ll like Wemberly.

Have you read any of these ice cream books for kids? Leave a comment and let me know!

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homemade ice cream kit
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