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Homeschool Records: How to Make a Transcript

Homeschooling offers flexibility and personalized education, but managing homeschool records can be challenging. Now that one of my daughters has graduated and my second daughter is heading into her senior year, I have some experience with the process of making a transcript so it doesn’t feel quite so intimidating. One of my best pieces of advice is to find a system that works for you so you can be consistent and feel confident doing it.

Homeschool Records is here to simplify this process, providing a comprehensive online platform for families to store and automate all their educational records for grades 8-12. We recently had a chance to give it a try and I think it can be a big help to homeschool families who are worried about making high school transcripts.

Homeschool Records, making a high school transcript
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How to Make a Homeschool High School Transcript

When it comes time to make a high school transcript for your homeschooled teen, it can feel very daunting. Especially if you’re a relaxed, eclectic homeschooler as we are, or even an unschooler. You might begin to have doubts about having everything covered that your teen needs to get into college.

First, take a deep breath. Remember that you’ve been homeschooling and learning together for years now, so you’ve got this. Now gather all your notes and documentation so you can use a tool like Homeschool Records to piece it together.

Hint: if you’re really on the ball, start when your teen is in the middle grades so you can use Homeschool Records from the start and it won’t seem so overwhelming to make a transcript! That’s part of keeping your homeschool vision in focus, too.

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Using Homeschool Records

I’ve been using Homeschool Records to begin building my youngest daughter’s transcript. She’s 14 now so the high school years are just beginning. I can’t believe that it’s already time to do this! Where does the time go?

The website was designed by a retired homeschool mom, specifically for homeschool moms. It will help you with each step of creating a thorough transcript. They are also contracted with Parchment, a service that securely sends official homeschool transcripts to colleges when you apply. Bonus!

Key Features

  • Transcripts and Course Descriptions: Easily create and update official transcripts and detailed course descriptions.
  • Attendance and Hours Tracking: Keep accurate logs of attendance and instructional hours.
  • Volunteer and Reading Logs: Document volunteer work and maintain reading lists.
  • Resumes: Help your student build a professional resume showcasing their achievements.
Homeschool Records, making a high school transcript


Homeschool Records is affordable, costing $50 per year for the first student and an additional $10 per year for each extra student. This investment ensures that your homeschool records are well-organized, easily accessible, and ready for college applications or any other needs.

Why Choose Homeschool Records?

Homeschool Records stands out because it not only simplifies record-keeping but also ensures compliance with educational requirements. This platform takes the hassle out of managing your homeschool records, allowing you to focus more on teaching and less on paperwork.

For more information and to get started, visit Homeschool Records. They offer a free trial, so there’s nothing to lose!

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