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Summer Crafts and Creative Activities For Kids

Summer is the perfect time to let kids explore their creativity and have some fun with hands-on crafts. Engaging in creative activities not only enhances their motor skills but also nurtures their imagination and self-expression. Whether it’s a rainy day indoors or a sunny afternoon in the backyard, there are numerous summer crafts for kids that can keep children entertained and inspired.

In this blog post, you’ll find 20 delightful summer crafts and activities for kids that encompass a wide range of interests and materials for multiple ages, from preschool through elementary. There are some of our favorites on this list, so be sure to check them out!

Get inspired by these 20 super simple fun summer arts and crafts for kids!

Hard to believe, but summer is nearly upon us. It’s our least favorite season around here, but we still make the most of it with fun summer arts and crafts projects. Whether it’s too hot to go outside so you need indoor activities or you want to take some messy crafting outdoors, these ideas will be sure to inspire fun summer crafting!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to stock your craft cupboard with these fun summer art supplies!

Creative Summer Activities For Kids

  1. DIY Sea Life Sensory Bottle: This easy to make sensory bottle takes only about 10 minutes to make and provides hours of fun.
  2. Recycled Flower Crayons: Use up all those bits of crayons and turn them into beautiful flower shaped crayons! Fun to make and fun to use.
  3. DIY Ocean Sensory Bin: This sensory bin is made with dollar store supplies and provides hours of creative pretend play for kids.
  4. Squirt Gun Painting: Squirt gun painting is an exciting way for kids to explore their artistic side while having a blast outdoors. Simply fill squirt guns with washable paint and let them aim, squirt, and create masterpieces on paper or canvas.
  5. Stained Glass Rainbow Craft: Bring the beauty of rainbows indoors with this stunning stained glass craft. Using tissue paper and contact paper, children can design vibrant rainbow patterns to hang on windows, casting colorful rays of light into any room.
  6. Homemade Hawaiian Lei Kids Craft: Transport your little ones to the tropics with this homemade Hawaiian lei craft. Using colorful flowers or tissue paper, they can string together their own beautiful lei, perfect for summer parties or pretend play.
  7. Sailboat String Art For Kids: Ahoy, mateys! Set sail on a crafting adventure with sailboat string art. By wrapping colorful string around nails hammered into wood, kids can create charming sailboat designs that capture the spirit of summer.
  8. Rainbow Butterfly Cork Crafts: Flutter into creativity with rainbow butterfly cork crafts. With some paint, googly eyes, and a bit of imagination, children can transform ordinary corks into whimsical butterflies that bring joy wherever they land.
  9. Sponge Balls Summer Kids Craft: Beat the heat with sponge balls! This simple craft involves cutting sponges into strips and tying them together to create soft, squishy balls perfect for water play in the backyard or at the beach.
  10. Junk Modelling Making Bright And Colorful Aliens: Turn trash into treasure with junk modeling. Encourage kids to raid the recycling bin for materials to build bright and colorful aliens, fostering environmental awareness while sparking their imagination.
  11. Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers: Blow away boredom with cardboard tube rainbow blowers. By decorating cardboard tubes and attaching colorful streamers, kids can create magical blowers that release a cascade of rainbow colors with every puff.
  12. Simple Wind Chime: Let the gentle summer breeze create soothing melodies with a simple wind chime. Using items like seashells, beads, and bells, children can design their own unique wind chimes to hang on the porch or in the garden.
  13. Folded Paper Garland: Add a touch of whimsy to any space with folded paper garlands. By folding and stringing together strips of colorful paper, kids can create charming garlands to decorate their rooms or outdoor hangout spots.
  14. Easy To Make Paper Giraffes: Reach new heights of creativity with easy-to-make paper giraffes. With some construction paper and scissors, children can craft adorable giraffe figures that stand tall and proud, adding a playful touch to any setting.
  15. Fun Summer Fruit with Thread Spools: Slice into summer fun with thread spool fruit crafts. By painting and decorating thread spools, kids can create miniature fruits like watermelons, pineapples, and oranges that make delightful decorations or play props.
  16. Suncatcher Summer Craft: Capture the brilliance of summer sunlight with suncatcher crafts. Using translucent materials like tissue paper or beads, kids can design dazzling suncatchers that add a touch of sparkle to any window.
  17. Soap Foam Printing: Get messy with soap foam printing! By mixing dish soap with water and adding a few drops of food coloring, kids can create colorful foam to print onto paper, resulting in unique and abstract works of art.
  18. Tropical Seashell Fish Craft: Bring a taste of the tropics to your crafting session with tropical seashell fish crafts. Using seashells, paint, and googly eyes, children can design their own vibrant fish that shimmer and shine like those found in tropical waters.
  19. Rainbow Mobile Craft: Let creativity take flight with rainbow mobile crafts. By cutting out colorful shapes and stringing them together with yarn or thread, kids can create enchanting mobiles that dance and twirl in the summer breeze.
  20. Suncatcher Mosaics For Kids: Using colorful pieces of transparent plastic or glass, children can create stunning mosaic designs that shimmer and shine when hung in the sunlight.
Get inspired by these 20 super simple fun summer arts and crafts for kids!

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What summer arts and crafts projects do you have planned?


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Summer Crafts for Kids

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