20 Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids


Coffee filter crafts are a fun and inexpensive creative activity that kids will love!

Whether you need an activity for a holiday or indoor days due to weather or the current circumstances, there is something here for everyone.

No two coffee filter crafts are alike, which means it’s a great project for encouraging creativity in your children. They’re also fun for multiple ages, from the littlest to the oldest in your family.

20 Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids

  1. Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Preschoolers
  2. Tie Dye Coffee Filter Monster
  3. Coffee Filter Hearts
  4. Watercolor Coffee Filter Turkeys
  5. Homemade Dyed Coffee Filters Tissue Paper
  6. Tie Dye Butterflies with Coffee Filters
  7. Coffee Filter Heart Garland
  8. Coffee Filter Butterflies Craft
  9. Tulip Craft Coffee Filter Suncatcher
  10. Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft
  11. Coffee Filter Flower Pens
  12. Planet Earth Coffee Filter Craft
  13. Apple Coffee Filter Craft
  14. Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft
  15. Cute and Easy Coffee Filter Jellyfish Craft for Preschoolers
  16. Tie Dye Coffee Filter Valentine Heart Craft
  17. Tie Dye Coffee Filter Art for Kids
  18. Planet Earth Coffee Filter Craft
  19. Coffee Filter Flowers
  20. Coffee Filter Ladybug Craft for Kids

My daughters and I have tried almost every craft on this list! They love coffee filter crafts and often request to do them specifically. For this reason, I keep the supplies on hand all the time, which isn’t difficult since there aren’t many and they are very budget-friendly.

Coffee Filter Craft Supplies

You’ll need some supplies to do these coffee filter crafts, besides just the coffee filters obviously. Here are some of our favorites:

wooden clothes pins

eye droppers/pipettes

water colors

water color brush pens/markers

pipe cleaners (chenille stems)

construction paper

I hope you enjoy these coffee filter crafts as much as we do. They really come out pretty. I think you’ll find at least a few afternoons’ worth of fun here!

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Creative activities like these are a favorite part of our homeschool days!



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