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7 Reasons Why Crafting with Your Kids is Important


Do your kids love to craft often? Do you find them looking over your shoulder as you search for ideas on Pinterest? While you might think that getting crafty with the kids can be messy and time consuming, the truth is it is such an important hobby worth enjoying with them. Why? Crafting with your kids has so many benefits that can last a lifetime. Look at 7 reasons why crafting with your kids is important, so you can be assured all of the messes and time spent crafting with your kids is worth it!

Crafting with kids matters -- early learning skills, builds family bonds and quality time, creativity, and more!

7 Reasons Why Crafting with Your Kids is Important

1. It promotes fine motor skills.

Pasting, cutting, drawing, and assembling all require the use of fine motor skills. There is no better way to help children strengthen their fine motor skills than to allow them to get crafty. For toddlers especially, learning how to use safety scissors, hold a writing utensil, and paste will serve them well come kindergarten!

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2. It promotes problem solving.

Assembling a model or any type of multi-medium craft requires problem solving. Finishing the project might require reading directions, or using their own brain power to see the project through. Crafting with your kids allows you to problem solve together which can promote bonding and trust.

3. Crafting helps kids cut back on technology time.

Kids don’t need to stare at a screen all day. Crafting with your kids allows them to turn the technology off and use their brains and creativity in different ways. Cutting back on screen time to explore the arts is always a good idea, so put down your cell phone and enjoy this time too.

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4. Crafting can help promote relaxation.

Crafting can help us feel less stressed and even lower blood pressure. If the kids are wound up it might be a good idea to get out the craft supplies. Exploring crafts and getting creative can help you all feel more relaxed, at ease, and stress free which is always nice.

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5. Hands on projects help kids explore their creativity.

Many children don’t know their creative skills until they get the chance to use them. Crafting with your kids helps them explore their creativity and helps them find what interests them as far as art mediums. Take this time to explore with your child and find out what interests them.

6. You have a finished product that serves as a keepsake.

The best part about crafting with your kids is the finished product! You have a forever keepsake that helps you remember the day and the time you spent together. Make sure to date your projects and sign them so you can always remember when they were made.

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7. Kids are sure to remember the time you spent together.

Kids won’t remember the movie they watched last week, but they will remember the handmade cards or collage you made together. Crafting with kids is a great way to create memories that last a lifetime, even if the projects don’t go as planned.

The next time the kids want to get out the glue and crayons, remember these 7 reasons why crafting with your kids is so important. As you can see, crafting time is learning and bonding time as well. Take advantage of this time together and see what you can create.

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