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15 Picture Books about Gardens and Seeds

Picture books about gardens and seeds are a fun way to learn about nature.

Engaging picture books centered around a theme are a great way for kids to learn. We love to include these kinds of books in our seasonal morning baskets and delight-directed unit studies. Today I’m sharing a list of our favorite pictures books about gardens and seeds.

The best picture books about gardens and seeds

Learn more about gardening and how to include it in your homeschool as part of your hands-on lessons. You’ll also want to download these parts of seeds printables to go along with your reading.

Picture Books about Gardens and Seeds

We Are the Gardeners
Join Joanna Gaines and her children as they chronicle their adventures in starting a garden.

Oh Say Can You Seed?: All About Flowering Plants
With the help of friends Thing 1 and Thing 2, the Cat in the Hat explores the science behind flowers. From germination to photosynthesis and seed dispersal, the Cat in the Hat makes learning all about flowers tons of fun!

If You Plant a Seed
In this book, two furry friends plant some seeds. They patiently wait for the seeds to turn into food, but as it does, some birds come along. Another seed must be planted to save and share the food, the seed of cooperation. This is a fun book for kids that will reinforce what they have been learning about sharing.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
In this book, kids can explore what lies beneath the leaves and dirt in a garden, and how it changes as the season passes. This is a great book for curious kids who love to play in the dirt!

Planting a Rainbow
This book covers the basics of planting seeds and bulbs to create a rainbow of colors in the garden. With beautiful illustrations this book is going to encourage kids to plant their own rainbow!

The Curious Garden
Join Liam, a curious gardener on his quest fora greener world, one garden at a time, as his garden transforms a city.

Lola Plants a Garden
Lola wants to plant a garden after reading some poems. So she checks out books, plants seeds and gets to work. As she waits she creates her own book. As her garden grows she has a party with friends, where they share a story in Lola’s garden.

Growing Vegetable Soup
It sure is a lot of work to grow vegetable soup! In this book, the tools, process and work are explained in vivid illustration, to create the best vegetable soup ever.

Three Sisters Garden
Three sisters start a garden growing squash, corn and beans in this colorful story. The author provides key information about gardening in this wonderful story. It also includes a stew recipe your kids will want to try!

Two Little Gardeners
Two young children plant seeds which turn into a bountiful garden! This book teaches kids that good things come to those who wait and features a fun song to sing together.

Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth
This book is a good resource for young composters. If your family is planning to garden this spring, learning how to compost together is a great idea. This book appeals to kids and adults as it is packed with info in an easy to understand presentation!

In this book children can learn about the food chain in a simple way. Explore the family garden with the help of an adorable little scientist and learn who all benefits from growing a garden!
Discover how the vegetables we eat begin as a seed and end up on our plates! This book is a great resource with a glossary of vegetables and info on how to grow your own vegetables.
Mrs. Spitzer is a knowledgeable teacher and gardener. She realizes that children grow much like a garden, and shares her story with a lot of whimsy in this fun book.
This book gives the scoop on soil to young gardeners, including how to keep soil healthy for plants and flowers.

These are some of our favorite picture books about gardens and seeds. Do you have any favorites to share? Leave a comment and let me know!


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