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ScriptureDoodle: A Six-Week Devotional Experience


As a new year quickly approaches, I’m looking ahead to include quality time in prayer and Bible study. It’s always a priority, but I take this opportunity each new year to evaluate and add in new resources for my devotional time. I’ve found something that includes both my craving for creativity with my desire to dive deeper into God’s word. It’s called ScriptureDoodle by April Knight.



The timing was perfect for me to review two of April’s ScriptureDoodle books:

ScriptureDoodle: A Six-Week Devotional Experience

ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises: A Six-Week Devotional Experience

Each book begins with an introduction explaining the story behind April’s creation of #scripturedoodle, a list of basic materials to use, and ideas to jumpstart your creativity. This is your “warm up” to gain confidence in expressing yourself creatively through worship art. April stresses that there is no wrong way to do it, but just to enjoy the creative process freely as an act of worship. I love this concept!

Scripture Doodle books are a creative way to do Bible study. 6 week devotional books. heartandsoulhomeschooling.com

The pages are nice and thick so pens/markers won’t bleed through. Personally, I like to use gel pens or soft twist-up pencils like in this Bible journaling kit I wrote about recently.

Each two-page spread introduces a Bible verse and some thoughts to consider while doodling on the opposite page. (There are lettering tips in the intro pages if you want to write the scripture as well.) All of this can help a lot in memorizing verses if that is one of your goals. Memorizing scripture is something I’m always working to improve.

These books differ from scripture coloring books in that they leave more room for your own creativity. You actually doodle and draw the pictures rather than just color them in (although there are a few coloring pages mixed in). I’m not naturally an artist, but this book makes it not so intimidating since the idea is free expression, not perfection. My work won’t be on display, after all. It’s a personal journal to strengthen my spiritual walk.

I have not completed the books yet, but I’ve thoroughly looked through them and know they will be an important start to my new year. I plan to do them consecutively, starting with the first ScriptureDoodle book and moving to the God’s Promises book after that.

I recommend these books to get your new year started off right, or even as a gift for a friend. It’s a great creative way to worship and get into God’s Word in a very personalized way.

Scripture Doodle books are a creative way to do Bible study. 6 week devotional books. heartandsoulhomeschooling.com

Learn more and read other reviews at the Litfuse website.


Disclosure: I received free copies of the ScriptureDoodle books for the purpose of review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not required to give a positive review.


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