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History has the power to transport us to different times and places, allowing us to understand the world and ourselves in a deeper context. Throughout all of our years of homeschooling, lapbooking has remained one of our favorite ways to learn because it allows for immersive, hands-on creativity combined with memorable learning. With the American History II Lap Book from Sonlight, we can merge both of these interests into one comprehensive project.

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American History lap book kit from Sonlight

Both history and lapbooking come together in the American History II Lap Book from Sonlight, providing an engaging approach to learning. We’ve been working on this project in our homeschool and it is a great way to bring history to life for your kids.

American History lapbook

What is the American History II Lapbook?

The American History II Lap Book by Sonlight is an interactive and hands-on supplement designed to complement the study of American history. It covers a wide range of topics, spanning from the Civil War and Reconstruction era to the present day, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of key events, figures, and themes that have shaped the nation.

We’ve done countless lapbooks in our homeschooling years. Some are just fun little jaunts into interesting topics. Some have been pretty thin on content, just the basics for young learners. This American History II Lap Book is one of the most thorough explorations of a topic we’ve ever covered with lapbooking. It is full of information and beautiful illustrations, making it a work of art and research by the time you’re finished. This is not busy work! It is a real multisensory learning experience.

American History lapbook

What is included in the American History II Lap Book kit?

The kit includes the following materials:

  • instructions
  • cover folder
  • maps
  • various forms of paper
  • and all the pre-printed materials necessary to complete the lap book
  • 2 glue sticks
  • double sided tape
  • one brad

You will need to provide the scissors, colored pencils, or other coloring supplies you want to use. I highly recommend colored pencils because the drawings are quite detailed and very artistic so colored pencils work best.

The instructions are in a full-color sturdy paperback workbook-type format. It is definitely the most detailed guide to putting together a lapbook I have ever seen. You don’t have to guess about which pieces go where or in what order. Again, the quality is exceptional throughout all the resources in this kit.

American History lapbook

The lap book itself is a series of mini projects all put together in a file folder/portfolio for display. The projects included are:

  1. Causes for Conflict
  2. The United States in 1860
  3. Abolitionist Newspaper, “The Liberator”
  4. Routes of the Underground Railroad
  5. Gettysburg: The Turning Point
  6. The Indian Wars
  7. Grocery Flyer
  8. Innovations of the 19th & 20th Centuries
  9. Business Tycoons
  10. Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company
  11. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  12. Carpetbaggers
  13. The Transcontinental Railroad
  14. The Land of Promise
  15. Woman Suffragists
  16. Amendments
  17. World War I – The Great War: The Ammo Belt
  18. World War I – The Great War: Map of Europe During WWI
  19. World War I – The Great War: Timeline of WWI
  20. World War I – The Great War: Registration Certificate
  21. World War I – The Great War: Propaganda
  22. World War I – The Great War: Poetry
  23. World War I – The Great War: Victory Medal
  24. The Roaring 20s
  25. The Stock Market Crash of 1929
  26. The Oklahoma Dust Bowl
  27. What is a Dictator?
  28. Major Events in the European Theatre During WWII
  29. Major Events in the Pacific Theatre During WWII
  30. World War II – On the Home Front: The Home Front Basket
  31. World War II – On the Home Front: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  32. World War II – On the Home Front: The Holocaust
  33. World War II – On the Home Front: Ration Book
  34. World War II – On the Home Front: Scrap Drives
  35. World War II – On the Home Front: Job Opportunities
  36. World War II – On the Home Front: Film & Cartoon Propaganda
  37. World War II – On the Home Front: Printed Propaganda
  38. World War II – On the Home Front: Canning Foods
  39. World War II – On the Home Front: Victory Gardens
  40. World War II – On the Home Front: Blue Star Mothers
  41. World War II – On the Home Front: V-Mail & CARE Packages
  42. Cold War/Korean War/Vietnam War
  43. Civil Rights in 20th Century America
  44. The Space Race
  45. American in the Late 20th Century

Everything is printed on either colored paper or cardstock, ready for you to put together. Each activity is estimated to take 1-2 hours to complete for children ages 9-12. We discovered that some of the mini projects take longer than others. This is not something to be rushed, but rather to be appreciated. If each project takes 1 hour, the total would be 45 hours for the complete lap book. It’s definitely something that you can spend a quarter or semester working on.

You can see just how much historical ground this covers, all in one complete package.

American History lapbook

Hands-On Learning Experience

One of the standout features of the American History II Lap Book is its hands-on approach to learning. Instead of passively absorbing information from textbooks, students actively engage with the material through a series of interactive activities, including foldable booklets, maps, timelines, and more. These hands-on projects not only reinforce content knowledge but also foster creativity, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.

American History lapbook

Comprehensive Coverage

The American History II Lap Book covers a diverse array of topics, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of American history. From the aftermath of the Civil War to the challenges of the modern era, students learn about the complexities of Reconstruction, the Gilded Age, the Progressive Era, World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement, and beyond. Through a combination of reading assignments, discussions, and hands-on projects, students gain a nuanced understanding of historical events, perspectives, and their relevance to contemporary issues.

The hands-on aspects make history more real to children. These aren’t just dry facts. There are fun things like replica grocery ads from Montgomery Ward and newspaper headlines from the times. I think this helps children understand that we’re not just talking about vague dates, but actually history as it happened to real people. This humanizes what could otherwise be considered boring and irrelevant to them.

American History lapbook

Personalized Learning

One of the strengths of the American History II Lap Book is its flexibility, allowing for personalized learning experiences tailored to each student’s interests and abilities. Whether your child is a visual learner who thrives on artistic projects or a kinesthetic learner who prefers hands-on activities, the lapbook format accommodates diverse learning styles. Additionally, parents can adapt the curriculum to suit their family’s schedule and pace, providing a customized educational journey that meets their children’s needs.

One of my daughter’s favorite parts of this lap book kit was putting together The Liberator newspaper mockup. She learned about important facts and people of the Abolitionist movement, as well as the power of a free press to educate the people on essential issues.

We call her our “family historian” because she enjoys scrapbooking and journaling so much and she keeps track of all the family events. This newspaper project helped her to realize even more the importance of documenting events and their historical significance. It really made the historical facts more memorable for her to do this as part of the American History II Lap Book. That’s the kind of hands-on learning that sticks in the long-term.

American History lapbook

Fostering Connection and Reflection

The American History II Lap Book encourages students to make connections between past and present, fostering a deeper appreciation for the relevance of history in our lives today. Through reflective activities and discussions, students explore the impact of historical events on society, individuals, and the world at large. By examining primary sources, analyzing historical perspectives, and engaging in critical dialogue, students develop the skills of empathy, discernment, and informed citizenship.

Great discussions are one of our favorite things about homeschooling. We enjoy learning with living books and talking about what we’ve learned. This lap book kit definitely inspired some discussions, which always makes me happy as a homeschool mom.

American History lapbook

The American History II Lap Book by Sonlight offers homeschooling families a dynamic and engaging approach to the study of American history. Through its hands-on projects, comprehensive coverage, and personalized learning experiences, the lapbook brings history to life, inspiring curiosity, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the past. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a homeschooling parent looking to ignite your child’s passion for learning, the American History II Lap Book provides a captivating journey through American history.

American history lap book kit

Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

This lap book is not our first experience with Sonlight. We’ve enjoyed many of their resources over the years. You can read more about them in these posts: The Best Way to Study American History in Your Homeschool and How to Encourage Your Child’s Talents through Delight-Directed Homeschooling.

Sonlight stands behind their curriculum with a money-back guarantee that is second to none. They really want to transform your homeschool experience into something to treasure with your children.

Did you know that Sonlight invites you to try their curriculum for free? Check out the Sonlight free invitation and give it a try in your homeschool today! You can also visit their sales and discounts page for more information.

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