6 Fun Ways to Teach Math Using Slime

Have you tried teaching math with slime? Here are some creative ideas for using slime in your math lessons.

Has the homemade slime craze taken over your home? If so, you might be wondering how you can use it to your advantage. While it might just seem like fun and games, the truth is you can use this slime making to your mathematical advantage. Making your own slime can be an excellent math lesson, you just need to get a little creative. Here are 6 ways to teach math using homemade slime, so you can use this ooey gooey mess to teach your kids some mathematical basics.

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6 Ways to Teach Math with Slime

1. Use this opportunity to study different instruments of measurement.
When following a slime recipe, you will need to measure out your ingredients. Now is the time to study various units of measurement you will need for your project. First, talk about various measurement tools. Then, decide which ones you will need (measuring cups and spoons) to complete this recipe. Talk about why these tools work best for the recipe.

2. Practice reading measurements.
When it comes time to measure out your ingredients, you will need to carefully read your measurements and measure accordingly. Now is the time to practice reading measurements so you can be sure your amounts are accurate. Talk about how important this is, since one wrong measurement can throw off the recipe.

3. Practice weighing various amounts of slime.
Once your slime is made, why not try weighing it? Use a kitchen scale to weigh the slime in various amounts. You may be surprised how lightweight it actually is. Take turns weighing globs of slime and writing down the measurements as you do.

4. Measure the length of your stretched slime.
The fun thing about slime is how much it stretches! Try stretching your slime into long lengths. See who can stretch their slime segment the longest without breaking. Take a ruler or even a yard stick or measuring tape and measure to see who is able to stretch theirs out the furthest. Record your findings.

5. Make estimates.
Estimating is an important step in solving a math problem. Use estimating when playing with your slime. You can estimate how heavy the glob is, how far you can stretch it, or how much is needed to cover a particular surface. Before taking any measurements, practice estimating and make educated guesses based on the information you already know or have.

6. Graphing.
Recording information and stats is an important part of math. In all of the activities above, track your findings on a piece of poster board. This is a wonderful chance to track your findings and compare them. You can make grid graphs or even pie charts depicting the information you have collected about your slime.

Are you ready to make some slime while strengthening your math skills at the same time? Consider these 6 ways to teach math using homemade slime and see how simple it can be to have fun and learn at the same time.

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  1. This is such a fun idea! I knew cooking was a great way to teach kids math skills, but I never thought of using it for them to make slime. That is something to keep their interest for sure

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