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7 Ideas for Summer Math Practice

Just because you might be taking a break from your formal homeschooling for the summer, doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of ways to include fun summer math practice.

This applies to year-round homeschoolers who want some summer-themed math practice, too. Use inexpensive summer items to reinforce math skills while keeping the kids interested for a fun and educational summer!

7 Fun Ideas for Summer Math Practice with simple and inexpensive items. Hands-on summer homeschooling series at Heart and Soul Homeschooling.

Summer Math Practice

Pool Noodles

Slice pool noodles, write numbers and math symbols ( +, -, +,x, etc) on the side, toss into pool and have the kids swim and grab 3. Then they can make math problems using what they grab and solve the problem. Have younger children stack the same pool noodle numbers in order on a stick. These really can be used in so many ways. {They work well for spelling practice with letters, too!}


Write math problems on the driveway or even a wooden fence for your child to solve for math practice. Write random numbers then call out math problems, then have your child hop or run to the answer.  Young children can practice writing numbers or counting the pieces of chalk.

hands-on summer homeschooling math ideas

Sensory Bin

Especially for preschoolers but older kids might love it too! Fill a sensory bin halfway with sand, bury numbers from puzzles or magnetic numbers and have your child search and find them, they can identify them, create simple math problems with them, etc. You can do the same by floating numbers in water or colored noodles for a different sensory experience. Read this post about sensory bins for more ideas.


Purchase a bag of seashells from the dollar store or collect and clean some from a beach trip. Write numbers and operations on them and have your child use them to solve problems, create a number line, or count. These can be used in sensory bins or as math manipulatives year round.

hands-on summer homeschooling math ideas


Math is not just addition and subtraction. Provide your child with plenty of water, measuring cups, spoons, scales, and other measurement devices like rain gauges. Let them play and investigate while you point out measurements and teach them how to read the devices they are using.

hands-on summer homeschooling math ideas

Water Balloons

Write numbers on balloons before filling, tie them up in a tree and call out math problems, then have your child pop the correct answer with a stick. Or reverse it by writing the math problem on the balloon and then calling out the answer letting them pop the question. Double the fun — your child gets math practice in and gets to cool off!


Sometimes we just need a break from the heat and indoors is the only place to be. Practice math skills on the computer or using fun math apps on tablets to beat the heat while learning.

Do you have any ideas to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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