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7 Reasons to Love Year Round Homeschooling

Year round homeschooling is a topic that people tend to feel strongly about, one way or another. Read on for our reasons for homeschooling year round.

While many are wrapping up their studies for the year — or will be over the next month or so — we know we’ll be continuing our lifestyle of learning through the year. If you are considering year round homeschooling you may be wondering what the benefits are, how it will affect your life, and if you want to do it.

Is it worth working through summer? Do you ever get a break? What makes it so great? Won’t it be more convenient to follow the public school schedule?  Here are my top 7 reasons why I love year round homeschooling and I think you will too.

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7 Reasons to Love Year Round Homeschooling

  1. Continual learning– I don’t know about you but I know when I was a child that after the summer break I would head to school realizing that I had forgotten a lot of what I  learned the prior school year. You can keep your child sharp and on top of studies when their break is not so long. Also it seems the longer the break the less your child is ready to get back into school mode. Short breaks can rejuvenate but are not long enough for them to lose all their good school habits and momentum.

  2. Avoid the crowds– There is a secret among homeschool families…we love when regular school is in session so that we can hit the stores, zoos, theme parks, and other “field trip” locations when they are empty! Year round homeschooling flexibility means that we can take advantage of the low attendance days of so many places no matter what time of year it is. We hunker down in the house during the hot summer and enjoy outdoor fun when it’s cool and less busy.

  3. Work with the weather– If you break all through the heat of summer you may find that you are at a loss for activities and yet unwilling to dive into the crowds. Schooling through summer means that you can get out and about when the weather is beautiful and school when you would rather be inside.

  4. No stress to get it done– Nine months may seem like a lot but if you have been homeschooling any length of time you know that near the end of the school year you are terrified of not getting it all done and panic sets in. With a year round schedule you have longer to fit in the curriculum and you can relax.

  5. Time for extracurricular activities– Most year round schedules allow for a 3 or 4 day week that allows you ample time to do co-op, clubs, sports, free time, field trips, etc. I find that instead of being frantic at certain parts of the year it all flows better when our school schedule stays the same with shorter breaks.

  6. It fits real life better– Want to have your family vacation in September? No problem. Everyone sick for a week? You can make it up, you have time. Real life mishaps, surprises, illnesses, and seasonal plans have plenty of room in a year round schedule and anxiety need not come in to your plans. It also sets the kids up for the experience of having a job. Rarely do people get a 3 month block of time off from work in the real world.

  7. Better for planning– Your year round schedule may look like 4 weeks on and 1 week off,  3 months on and 1 month off, or another variation. Whatever your schedule, it is much easier for planning. Rather than cramming in an entire year of planning into a week in May or June, you can do all your planning for smaller blocks of time, making it easier also to change up what isn’t working, add in current topics, or switch themes altogether. Need more planning ideas? You’ll want to read this post: How to Plan a Year Round Homeschooling Schedule in One Day

Need a planner? Here’s one to try:

Do you homeschool year round? What is your favorite part of this type of schedule?


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  1. We luv luv luv year round schooling. We do a 4 day week allowing a day for piano lessons and a long art class. We school 6 weeks with 1 week off during regular school year (except between Thanksgiving and Christmas is only 4 weeks) and during summer we do 3 weeks school then 1 week off except for one two week vacation when out of state cousins visit and two weeks off before the new year starts.

    1. I’m glad to hear how it works for you. Sounds like you have a good routine going. That can help so much for everyone in the family!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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