Bald Eagle Life Cycle Activities

The Bald Eagle is an amazing creature that you will enjoy learning more about. This majestic bird will fascinate kids and make learning fun!

Most kids love to study birds and animals and the Bald Eagle is no exception. You can use these hands-on resources to learn all about Bald Eagles in your homeschool.

Don’t miss the free printable Bald Eagle Life Cycle Booklet below!

Bald Eagle Life Cycle Booklet

After being endangered and close to extinction, the Bald Eagle has made a comeback in recent years. It is important as a symbol of the United States as it was chosen to be featured on the United States Seal in 1782.

The American Bald Eagle has a lifespan of up to 28 years. It weighs approximately 6-17 pounds on average, with a wingspan of 6-8 feet wide. Its body is usually 34-43 inches tall.

You can learn all the phases of the Bald Eagle life cycle with this free printable booklet.

Bald Eagle

The American Bald Eagle was put on the endangered species list in 1978 due to hunting and pesticides, but after careful protections were enacted, the population began to increase and it was removed in 2007.

We were fortunate enough to have a family of Bald Eagles living in our backyard! We got to observe them firsthand, including the juveniles (they’re all brown without the distinctive white head). I wasn’t able to take the greatest pictures because they were very high in the trees, but we had a lot of fun watching them!

More Bald Eagle Books and Resources

This adorable Squishmallows Bald Eagle would make a great gift for your kids!

Eagles Up Close by Christopher Blazeman

Did you know that there are 59 different kinds of eagles in the world? Early readers will learn about many of these birds of prey in this appealing nonfiction title. With vibrant photos, intriguing facts, and simple, informative text, readers will be fascinated from cover to cover!

Is a Bald Eagle Really Bald? by Martha E. H. Rustad

A bald eagle doesn’t sound like an attractive bird. But it’s pictured on the Great Seal of the United States and on the dollar bill. Why was this bird chosen as a national symbol? Join Ms. Patel’s class as they find out why bald eagles are important, what the Great Seal stands for, and how bald eagles live in the wild. A special guest also pays the class a visit!

The Eagles are Back by Jean Craighead George

The American bald eagle, the national symbol of the United States, was once dangerously near to extinction. With the help of dedicated volunteers and decades of hard work, the eagle population made a dramatic comeback. This moving picture book tells the story of one boy who helped in the hatching of an eaglet. Featuring vividly detailed paintings from landscape artist Wendell Minor, Jean Craighead George’s inspiring text will motivate readers of all ages to care for the environment and its many creatures.

My Little Book of Bald Eagles by Hope Irvin Marston

This is a delightful story about a new family of bald eagles. From newborn’s first lessons in life to the first solo flight, this beautifully illustrated book is ideal for introducing young children to the wonders of nature.

You may also find a Bald Eagle (or other eagle species) at your local zoo. We’ve taken many field trips to the zoo through the years and had a chance to learn more about birds of prey like the Bald Eagle.

Don’t forget to download the free printable Bald Eagle Life Cycle Booklet.

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