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Life Skills Curriculum for your Homeschool

If you haven’t considered a life skills curriculum in your homeschool yet, I’m here to encourage you to do just that. Why do you need a life skills curriculum? Read on for all the reasons it can be one of the best investments you make in your homeschool and which life skills curriculum I recommend.

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Life Skills Curriculum for Homeschooling

With all the focus on academics and reading and building math essential skills and all of those really important things we need to do as homeschool families, sometimes learning life skills can fall by the wayside.

This isn’t just a homeschooling issue either. My life skills training in public school was sadly lacking. Everything in my school experience was geared toward being an honor student and getting into an Ivy League university on a scholarship. That was great as far as it went, but it wasn’t the best preparation for life and the skills I would need as an independent adult.

In order to be a truly well-rounded and well-educated person, you have to be prepared to handle life and its daily realities, not just academics. That’s what I want for my daughters.

As with all other things in homeschooling and parenting, if you want things to be different (and better!) for your children, you have to make an intentional effort to make it happen. In other words, you have to prioritize teaching independent life skills as a goal in your homeschool.

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Life Skills Reimagined

Life Skills Reimagined from Lyft Learning is a blended-learning curriculum accessed through an online platform. Its engaging, animated content uses brain-based learning to effectively teach critical life skills while providing opportunities for engagement for parents.

Life Skills Reimagined is self-paced, which is our favorite type of online course. That makes it so easy to log on whenever you want and work at your own pace. That’s the kind of independent learning that teens especially appreciate, too.

There are 5 major topics (referred to as courses) covered in Life Skills Reimagined:

  • Communication Skills
  • Getting & Keeping a Job
  • Independent Living
  • Personal Finance
  • Resiliency

These major topics are broken down into subtopics, ranging from voting to renting an apartment to handling conflict and everything in between.

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Teens take an intro baseline quiz with just a few questions at the beginning of each section (course). Then they proceed to the videos within each section. There are workbooks/worksheets to download where they can take notes and keep track of their progress. Each course topic is then wrapped up with a post-test and action plan.

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What is different about Life Skills Reimagined?

I’ve seen and used other life skills courses and curriculum before. Each has covered the basics sufficiently, but Life Skills Reimagined does that and more.

I think there are a few things that stand out the most to us about Life Skills Reimagined:

  • It covers more of the interpersonal/communication issues that everyone needs to navigate at some point. For instance, dealing with difficult people/situations, communicating well with co-workers and employers, emotional regulation, and even romantic relationships. This is the first life skills course I’ve seen to address these issues, including emotional trauma, which affect all of us at some time or another to varying degrees. As someone with a degree in Social Work, I was really happy to see this in a life skills curriculum!
  • The animated videos are not too long, boring, or dumbed down. They convey the information in an interesting way without being “lame” as my teenage daughters would say.
  • The information is presented to cover many learning styles — written, video, and auditory.
  • Life Skills Reimagined has an app so it’s easily portable to different devices.

My daughters have been learning a lot with Life Skills Reimagined, in a different way than other life skills we’ve covered. It has brought up some great discussions, which is always a good thing!

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Start Life Skills Reimagined Today

I recommend adding Life Skills Reimagined to your curriculum choices today if you’re homeschooling teens. I think just about any teen will benefit from learning these life skills in this practical format.

You can save $20 off with the code HS2022 until December 31, 2022, so head over today and sign up!

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  1. I love the idea of lifeskills curriculum (I actually use an outline of my own for my youngens that I made work) but with the brief description I feel it is limited. I can’t seem to read into it where touches on food gardening, nutrition, cooking, first aid, safety and use of basic tools…, basic home repair / car maintenance, self defense (Krav Maga…), project / time management, leadership / teamwork skills, root cause analysis, problem solving, researching / categorizing / documenting and a few other topics too. My teens went through Dale Carnegie courses, Dave Ramsey (supplemented with added material on investing and importance of investing early), Red Cross first aid, Krav Maga, Udemy courses on proj / time mngt, root cause… and advanced MS Office… I taught them tools, home repair/car maintenance. True some of these subjects may be also covered in the “Lifeskills Reimagined” but the description is limited. Overall I am glad to see this curriculum and it is a good beginning.

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