How to Make Your Own Homeschool Printables

One of the great advantages of homeschooling is customizing everything you do and the resources you use in your homeschool. If you’re creative and you’d like to learn how to make your own customized homeschool printables, there’s an affordable new ecourse so you can learn how to do just that.

make your own printable planner

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I had the opportunity to review the ecourse, DIY Printables. I was really excited to try it out. Even though I already make printables, I’m always eager to learn faster and easier ways to do that. It’s a great creative jumpstart!

I also really admire the work of Monique, the homeschool mom who created the course. She did the design work on my blog back when I was still on Blogger. I can tell you from experience that she knows her stuff! Monique is the author/owner of Living Life and Learning and she has created 200+ printables for her blog while also working as a graphic designer for over 5 years.

If you’re tired of scouring the internet looking for educational resources only to end up with things that aren’t the correct grade level, aren’t exactly what you need, or are just plain boring, you might want to consider learning how to make your own printables.

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How to Make your Own Homeschool Printables with the DIY Printables Course

Have you ever thought of creating your own printables?

Take a look at how to make this writing worksheet for example:

You don’t need expensive software. There are some free clip art resources and the video tutorials are easy to understand.

The DIY Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers course will answer all of your questions.

  • Learn basic design printables and what programs to use for your printables
  • Get help brainstorming your first printable project
  • Get access to easy to understand step by step video tutorials as she shows you how to create planning pages and printables for kids

DIY Printables | Make your own homeschool printables

Who is DIY Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers for?

If you’re a teacher or homeschooler who wants to be able to customize your students’ education and create fun and engaging printable learning activities, this is for you. If you want to get more organized and create the perfect planner to tame the chaos at home, school or your homeschool, this is for you.

How much is DIY Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers?

You will get access to 3 modules with step by step video tutorials for only $47. 

What program do I need?

All video tutorials are shown using PowerPoint. It’s an easy program to learn if you’re not familiar with it and you can gain access to it for as low as $6.99/month if you don’t already own it.

I’m not techie, is DIYPTH still right for me?

Yes, the video tutorials are easy to understand, you learn how to set up the document, how to save it and what format it needs to be in to print on your computer. The guesswork is taken out and you are shown exactly what features you need to use in the program to get the printables you want.

If you could create the printables you knew your kids would love, how different would life be for you?

You’d have the freedom to study any topic you wanted without worrying about where you’d find the resources for it, because you could make them yourself!

If you enjoy creative projects and want to truly customize your own planner and printables for your kids, this course may be just what you need.


DIY Printables for Teacher and Homeschoolers



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