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Homeschool Blog & Tell: Something Green Edition

We’re proud of our Irish heritage at our house, so you’ll always find us wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day.  That’s not all the green we’ve found around our house this month, though!

Our “green things” sensory box has different sizes, textures, shapes, and shades of green.  We have everything from a green kazoo to some green broccoli play food.  I’m a big fan of Montessori-inspired sensory bins and Lil Sis and Baby Girl love them.  I try to surprise them with new things every other week to change things up for them.
Baby Girl thought it needed an extra splash of orange, too, so she added an orange plastic Easter egg.  =0)
Their favorite green ladybug bouncy ball must mean it’s almost spring and time to play outside!
New cardstock paper for the lapbooks we’re working on!
We’re using green file folders for the Earth lapbook we’re making.  (Review coming soon!)

Green makes me think of spring as we see the new leaves start to bud on the trees and the grass is uncovered again as the snow melts.  We will miss winter because we love snow so much, but there are joys to be found in every season as we learn and grow together.  Praise God for the celebration of new life as His creation awakens from its winter rest!

What was green in your homeschool this month?
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