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Easy DIY Glittered Cookie Cutter Ornament

My daughters and I love to make Christmas ornaments together. It’s one of our favorite yearly traditions! I’m always looking for simple ornament ideas that will add personality to our tree and that all three girls can do together. This sweet and simple DIY Glittered Cookie Cutter Ornament is a winner! Not only does it have glitter — a natural favorite around here — it’s easy and inexpensive enough that we can make as many as we want. They look so pretty on the tree when the lights shine on them.

Sweet and simple Christmas ornament to make with the kids. DIY glittered cookie cutter ornament. heartandsoulhomeschooling.com

I also found these melted crayon Christmas ornaments, which are next on our list to make!

DIY Glittered Cookie Cutter Ornament

Supplies needed:
Metal cookie cutter
Spray adhesive
Ribbon or string for hanging
Hot glue, glue gun (we use this mini-sized glue gun)

Simple supplies for the DIY Glittered Cookie Cutter Ornament. heartandsoulhomeschooling.com

1. Begin by washing the cookie cutter well so the spray adhesive sticks nicely to it. Dry thoroughly.
2. Place the cookie cutter on a piece of scrap paper or newspaper. Apply a thorough coat of spray adhesive.
3. Sprinkle the glitter (fine craft glitter works best) onto the cookie cutter. Be sure to cover the entire surface.

DIY Glittered Cookie Cutter Ornament

4. Shake the cookie cutter to remove any excess glitter.
5. Set the cutter aside to dry for 30 minutes.
6. Add a dab of hot glue to the back of the cutter and attach your ribbon for hanging.

Your glittered cookie cutter ornament is now ready to hang on the tree!

Do you make homemade ornaments with your kids?

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