Apologia Bible Curriculum: The Word in Motion

As Christian homeschooling parents, teaching our children Biblical truth and principles to live by is a primary responsibility. In order to do that, we must teach them the Word of God directly from the Bible so that they can understand it and apply it to their lives.

Building a life of faith requires heart, soul, and mind, which means we must pass along the knowledge of the Bible — the source material through which we learn God’s plan for us.

There are many resources out there for children to learn Bible stories and I think these have their place. However, I also want something more thorough and meaty so that my daughters can learn God’s Word and learn how to study it for themselves, yet not be overwhelmed by it. I also want something that shows the continuous story of God’s purposeful plan for creation through the Old and New Testaments so that they understand how it’s all connected. That’s why I was glad to hear about the new Bible curriculum from Apologia: The Word in Motion.

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What is The Word in Motion Bible Curriculum?

We first became familiar with Apologia in 2008 when we began to use their elementary science curriculum. It has been a staple in our homeschool journey since the beginning! All three of my daughters have gone through the elementary science series and are now into the middle school General Science. We’ve also used their Biblical worldview curriculum, which I recommend as well.

The Word in Motion Bible curriculum has the same aspects we’ve come to know and love from Apologia — solid teaching, an illustrated and engaging textbook, and a companion activities notebooking journal.

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Apologia’s The Word in Motion is a two-volume Bible study curriculum that equips families to read the Word of God with passion, purpose, and big-picture understanding. In volume 1, students will explore the people, places, events, and all thirty-nine books of the Old Testament. Volume 2 covers the people, places, events, and all twenty-seven books of the New Testament. Along the journey, students will gain a deeper understanding of how all the parts of the Bible fit together to form a single, glorious story of God’s love for humanity and His plan for our redemption.

So what is the “in motion” part of The Word in Motion? There are several things that make this Bible curriculum a multisensory experience:

  • there are simple hand motions to do to help with memorizing key scriptures and concepts
  • there are streaming video lessons to go along with the written lessons
  • the companion notebooking journal includes verse copywork, sequencing, narration, coloring pages, flash cards, and other activities to reinforce the lessons
  • cartoon character named Wyatt in each lesson to help learn the motions and as a visual aid to remember the key principles
  • Take it to Heart memory verse for each lesson
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Developed in cooperation with Walk Thru The Bible, this curriculum also gets kids up and moving to help them remember the key people, places, and events from every book of the Bible!

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How do we use The Word in Motion Bible Curriculum?

Obviously, this is not a curriculum to complete in a hurried pace. The goal is mastery and understanding, not just getting through it. These are lessons that will last for life!

At first I wasn’t sure if we would begin at the beginning with the Old Testament and work our way through in order to the New Testament. Then I decided that maybe a chronological approach would be the best way to go.

In the end, I decided to do a few lessons from each volume, both Old and New Testaments, to get a feel for the layout of the curriculum. We then decided to proceed with the New Testament and go back to the Old Testament once we finish the NT. That’s just what will work the best for my daughters right now.

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There is a suggested 4-day-per-week schedule in the books. If you want something that is open and go with no guesswork, this is a good feature!

I’ve been reading aloud the lessons from the textbook or my daughters take turns reading aloud for us. We do this during our morning time together.

My daughters always like the reinforcement of the notebooking journal to help them remember the essential points of the lessons. They work on this part together after the reading time. If you plan to use this with multiple children, you’ll need a notebooking journal for each of them to do this.

I anticipate it will take us a year to work through both volumes together.

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If you’re looking for a Bible curriculum that is thorough, multisensory, and aids in understanding and memorization of scripture, you need to look at The Word in Motion from Apologia.

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