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6 Best Ways to Accelerate Teaching Career Growth

I believe that homeschool moms should have enrichment and educational time of their own because it’s essential to personal growth. This article covers one of the ways that moms can continue to learn and the benefits of experience in a teaching career.

The best way to accelerate your teaching career is by having a set mind on the various levels you want to reach in your profession with career plans and goals and working to achieve them. Advancing in your educational career can help you achieve job satisfaction and utilize your untapped potential, reducing burnout and enhancing your happiness at work.

1.   Earn an Education Doctorate

As a degree holder, you can opt to register for an online doctoral education program to enhance your teaching skills and expand your knowledge and expertise in the teaching field.  A PhD can help you advance in your career at your current learning institution and even aid you in smoothly transitioning to a new role in a new industry elsewhere.

Having a teaching Ph.D. demonstrates to your potential employers that you value self-improvement and that you can keep up with the changes in learning and development. Furthering your education also translates into a higher average pay helping you earn more in your tutoring vocation. An added benefit of taking up further studies in your teaching career is that you obtain helpful skills that you can implement to homeschool your kids.

2.   Networking With Other Educators

A great way to stay in touch with professionals in your industry is by alerting your network members about job postings that could interest them as a way of ensuring that you stay on top of their minds in case they come across an opportunity that might appeal to you. Doing favors for your professional network contacts makes them more likely to do a similar favor for you like writing you a recommendation. Some excellent ways to network and connect with other educative facilitators include:

  • Building a robust network of teachers’ contacts
  • Attending teacher events
  • Joining professional organizations for teachers
  • Participating in online teacher communities
  • Attending career day trade fairs

As you network you get a chance to showcase your competence and teaching capability while maintaining relationships that may land you new opportunities to move up your career ladder.

3.   Find a Mentor

If your employer does not offer a mentorship program you can find a mentor who shares your interests and career goals from:

  • Your college professors
  • Local professional teacher groups
  • Experienced family members who have advanced in their teaching career

Well-experienced mentors can help you learn new skills, offer support,  and give you tips to achieve your career goals effectively. You can opt to find an effective member outside your specialization for diversity or seek someone who has succeeded in the role you are working on.

4.   Value Your Performance Reviews

Teaching performance reviews are an excellent way to let your employer know your goals for professional development. You can start by identifying the goals at your workplace as well as what the key performance indicators of your job are with your employer to help you understand what you are being evaluated on. Knowing the scope of your performance review can help you prepare great responses that can open forums to discuss your desire for professional development with your employer.

If your employer does not regularly carry out performance reviews, you can take the initiative to suggest that they start or remind them when they forget to do it. Acing your formal performance reviews can make it easier to work together with your employer to identify an effective course of action to help you get where you want to be in your teaching career.

5.   Stay Open to New Opportunities

If your current employer is not willing to aid you in growing in your career, it may be best to start looking for new job opportunities in different organizations that can help you further your profession. While it may be challenging to send job applications especially after being employed in the same place for a long time, crafting an optimized resume and sending out outstanding job applications can land you a new job quickly.  Demonstrating your transferable skills from your experience and education can also be helpful in showing your potential employer your versatility and ability to switch to a new role in your teaching career.

6.   Ask for a Promotion

Seeking a promotion despite your relatively limited experience can prevent you from stagnating in your current role and potentially propel your career forward. You can seek out additional tasks and projects in your employment that can allow you to learn new skills and grow your leadership capabilities instead of quietly waiting for your employer to give you a promotion.


Moving up your teaching career ladder is important because teaching the same thing to the same group over the years can become tedious. Advancing in your teaching profession offers you attractive benefits like a higher salary, and exciting projects and can garner you more respect in your field.

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