Homeschooling in a Small Space: Hints and Hacks


Homeschooling in a small space can present some challenges and frustrations. It doesn’t have to hold you back, though. There are some creative ways to work around it. Get some helpful hints for homeschooling in a small space right here!

homeschooling in a small space

Homeschooling in a Small Space

As homeschool moms, we probably all have our ideal homeschool setting in mind. For some, it’s being outside in nature and having real life experiences for learning. Some imagine a cozy window seat with a pile of books. Others dream about a neatly organized, color-coordinated, meticulous homeschool room with maps, inspirational quotes, and educational posters covering the walls. Floor to ceiling bookshelves are my personal wish.

Whatever your ideal of a homeschooling space, many of us are dealing with small spaces that we must make work somehow. So let’s shelve our frustrations and think positively about how we can make homeschooling in a small space work for us!

Organizing a Small Homeschool Space

Take a close look at what supplies you really need and what you can do without. Too much can turn into clutter, which adds up fast in a small space. It doesn’t take much to keep your homeschool running smoothly, no matter how much you have to resist the temptation to Believe me, I understand.

Read all about my ideas for essential homeschool supplies in this post:

7 Essential Homeschool Supplies

Make the best use of the space you have by changing out your homeschool resources, supplies, and manipulatives from time to time. This keeps things fresh for your kids, encourages child-led learning, and allows you to keep clutter to a minimum.

Read all about this science shelf that we use in our homeschool to encourage interest-led learning and keep things contained in a smaller space:

How to Create a Science Shelf that Invites Exploration

Simplify, simplify, simplify. It’s a good word — and a necessary one — when you’re homeschooling in a small space. It’s worth the time and effort you put into it because it pays off in smoother days to enjoy learning together and spending time as a family rather than tripping over clutter or being unable to find a book that you need.

Read more about simplifying your homeschool space in this post:

How to Simplify Your Homeschooling Space

Baskets, shelves, and storage bins can become your best friends when you’re homeschooling in a small space. There are many creative and clever ways to use them to make the most of your small homeschooling space. Read about some ways to organize with baskets in this post:

20 Pretty Ways To Organize With Baskets

Sometimes homeschooling in a small space requires baby steps toward organization. We’re not all naturally organized, right? I know I used to be better at this before kids, then I became overwhelmed by all of the stuff. It feels insurmountable at times, especially in a small space!

Here are some simple tips to help you get started as you organize your small homeschool space:

7 Simple Ways to Become an Organized Homeschool Mom

Many times we’re homeschooling in a small space because life on a single income doesn’t afford us the opportunity to purchase a bigger home. Every penny counts when you’re trying to homeschool on a budget. Here are some tips for frugal homeschool organization:

Frugal Homeschool Organization Tips

Homeschooling in a Small Space: Thinking Outside of the Box

Sometimes homeschooling in a small space requires a mindset shift. You feel stuck because you don’t have enough room, you don’t have a good organization system, or you don’t feel like you have it all together. Small budget + small space = unmet expectations. Can I give you a bit of advice if you find yourself in that particular situation?

STOP. I’ve been there, it stinks, and it’s counter-productive. Accentuate the positive. As trite as it may seem, stuff is just stuff. Practicing an attitude of gratitude will be its own reward in the end.

I wrote this post to share our experience with leaving a place we really loved to move to a place we really don’t love. It’s not only smaller, but also in a big city as opposed the relaxed rural lifestyle we had and loved. We did it for many reasons, which are ultimately important for family, though not easy.

How to Create a Delightful Learning Atmosphere in your Home

This is a post I wrote about one of the homeschool rooms we had in a house we rented several years ago. I have rarely had the space to have a dedicated homeschool room, but we have learned to adjust.

Our Simple and Cozy Homeschool Classroom

Read more ideas about re-purposing furniture, clever ways to store papers and your children’s artwork, and more ideas to make the most of a small homeschooling space in this post:

5 Ways To Make the Most of a Small Homeschooling Space

What are your best tips for homeschooling in a small space? Let us know in the comments!



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