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Frugal Homeschool Organization Tips


Frugal homeschool organization tips can help save your sanity when things feel chaotic and you don’t have a huge budget for fancy organization tools. These ideas will get the homeschool organization job done without breaking the bank.

frugal homeschool organization tips and practical suggestions

True confession: Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. I’m not big on shopping in general and I’m definitely not a big spender, so it’s right up my alley. Dollar Tree helps me stay on budget, but I also love it for another reason. While organizing our homeschooling space, the Dollar Tree has been an excellent tool. Here are some ways to utilize Dollar Tree for frugal homeschool organization.

Frugal Homeschool Organization

#1. Start with the bin area
If you walk into Dollar Tree, you will see an aisle dedicated to just bins. They are all plastic bins but they are perfect for organizing any homeschool space. There are deep bins, wide bins, long bins, and short bins. Whatever you need, you will find there. All shapes, sizes, and colors to match whatever you need. These are hands-down my favorite organizing tools at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree

#2. Head down the “teacher” aisle
One of my favorite parts of the Dollar Tree is the teacher aisle that they have. When you walk down this aisle, you will see all sorts of organizing tools available. Some tools that I grab for my desk include: sticky notes {check out my ideas for how to use these creatively in your homeschool}, a stapler, paper clips, pencils, file folders, pens, highlighters, and a note pad. I like having these items on my desk or in the drawer because they allow me to stay organized.

#3. Declutter away
Another great part of the Dollar Tree is that you can head to the trash bag aisle and start the decluttering process on your homeschooling space. You can find all sorts of tools that are $1 that can help you get rid of items you no longer want to keep. While I’m in decluttering mode, I make a deal with my kids: if they help throw away and clean up the old stuff, they can each pick out something new. They usually pick stickers, crayons, coloring books, and drawing paper. I love one-stop shopping!

#4. Get creative with what’s available
As you walk through the Dollar Tree, you need to be creative. You may see something that is perfect for holding pencils or that will look great as a piece of décor. It may take a few trips to the store for things to start popping out at you. I have been on a total random trip there when I found a few items that work great for our homeschool space. It is all about being creative with what is available.

#5. Keep things simple
I feel as though so many moms think their homeschooling space needs to be organized with the “top gear” available. This isn’t true! Find organizing supplies at Dollar Tree and keep it simple. There aren’t many places in which you can find something for $1 these days, take advantage of Dollar Tree and enjoy!

Did you know that if you don’t have a nearby Dollar Tree, you can shop online! They even have a blog and share creative craft and organizing ideas using their supplies.

Take a look at my posts on essential homeschool supplies and simplifying your homeschool space for more ideas to help with homeschool organization.


What is your favorite homeschool organization tip?





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    1. Yay, glad you’ll have one nearby! Some of my friends think I’m crazy, but I have found so many good deals there and you would never know they came from Dollar Tree. Christmas is another good time to go because they have wrapping paper and really nice gift bags that you would pay so much more for at any other store. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for visiting from the UK! Sorry you don’t have Dollar Tree stores there. Do you have anything similar? Would that be Pound Stores? 😉

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