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Adding Variety to your Homeschool

A little homeschool variety can make a big difference in making learning delightful. Read on for one of the ways we like to add some homeschool variety into our days.

We take a delight-directed approach to our homeschooling, which means I end up switching resources often. We follow rabbit trails of learning and that’s okay with me. Living books, field trips, hands-on homeschooling projects, and other activities like lapbooking and notebooking are the bedrock of our learning.

My girls thrive on variety, which means I have to get creative. It also means that I have to look for ways to save on expenses however I can. Otherwise I’d spend a small fortune on tons of different books and supplements!

One of the things I’ve looked forward to every year is the Homeschool Collection sale. Wait — before you stop reading because you think it’s just another random ad to buy something — let me tell you why it has helped in our homeschool.

Homeschool Variety: 4 Reasons to Love the Homeschool Collection Sale

1. We’ve moved a lot and digital resources make that easier. No packing books or losing anything. It’s all on the computer!

2. I can try different resources at a lower price. A smaller investment means I can buy more and not feel guilty if we decide not to continue using something.

3. This sale represents one of the best advantages of homeschooling — the freedom to pick and choose which resources work the best for our children and their education. You can get resources for preschool through high school all in one bundle so you can continue to use it for years!

4. You can easily add some variety to your homeschool with this sale. Whether you need supplements, a specific subject, a specific homeschool method, a specific age range, or you want to mix and match, you can do that to get the variety you need to add some spice into your learning.

Homeschool Variety: What is the Homeschool Collection?

The annual Homeschool Collection sale is full of awesome resources to help you get the most value for your budget while encouraging curiosity and creativity in your homeschool. Take a look what what you will find:

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If you need to add some variety into your homeschooling, this is a great way to do so at an affordable price. I have never been disappointed with my purchases through the Homeschool Collection.

How do you get homeschool variety into your studies?

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