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29 Must Read Winter Books for Kids

Reading winter books with your children is a great yearly tradition! Check out this list of 29 great winter books, including some of our personal favorites, to read with your kids.

Do you want to make the most of the winter weather even when you’re stuck inside? I can’t think of a better way than cuddling up with some good books to read together! I firmly believe that reading as a family is an important part of quality time.

Whether you prefer the non-fiction educational choices or the just plain fun stories, you’ll want to check out these 29 Must Read Winter Books for Kids because there is something for everyone on this list.

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The Best Winter Books for Kids

As you’re filling your book basket for a cozy winter of reading, I also highly recommend trying the free reading resources at Reading Eggs. They offer free printables (no strings attached) as well as a 30-day free trial.

50 Below Zero

Funny story about a sleep-walking dad and the son who tries to help him.

Lost and Found

What is a boy to do when a lost penguin shows up at his door? Find out where it comes from, of course, and return it. But the journey to the South Pole is long and difficult in the boy’s rowboat.

Groundhog Weather School

The must-have book for Groundhog Day! With pop-art illustrations, a tongue-in-cheek tone, and a riot of detail, kids learn all the important aspects of Groundhog Day.

The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice

The beginning of winter is marked by the solstice, the shortest day of the year.

The Great Serum Race: Blazing the Iditarod Trail

In the winter of 1925, Nome, Alaska, was hit by an unexpected and deadly outbreak of diphtheria. Officials immediately quarantined the town, but the only cure for the community of more than 1,400 people was antitoxin serum and the nearest supply was in Anchorage-hundreds of miles of snowbound wilderness away. The only way to get it to Nome was by dogsled.

Cam Jansen: the Snowy Day Mystery #24

I grew up reading the Cam Jansen books and now my daughters are reading them, too!

Kitten’s Winter

This one is a cute board book. Winter comes to Kitten’s world, and the little calico leaves her cozy home for an afternoon of exploration and discovery.

Wonderful Gifts of Winter (Seasons Series)

Dandi Daley Mackall is a favorite author for us. She has written a series on the seasons and the illustrations are adorable.

Arctic Animals (Cold Feet): From Penguins to Polar Bears (Fun Animal Facts)

Lots of photos for reference. This beautiful guide allows children to see animals that live and thrive in cold environments where many others do not, but also gives an in depth view about the many skills these animals use to survive in this environment.

Snowflakes Fall

Beautiful words from Patricia MacLachlan (Sarah, Plain and Tall) and illustrations by Steven Kellogg. Written in honor of the children of Sandy Hook, this book portrays life’s natural cycle: its beauty, its joy, and its sorrow. Together, the words and pictures offer the promise of renewal that can be found in our lives—snowflakes fall, and return again as raindrops so that flowers can grow.

Max & Mo Make a Snowman

It is wintertime and Max and Mo want to go play in the snow. If only it was not so cold out there! Instead, Max and Mo decide to make a snowman in the warmth of the art room. Would you like to make a snowman too?

OLIVIA Builds a Snowlady

Who says a snowman can’t be a lady? Olivia and her classmates are in charge of building the best snowman for the town’s Winter Festival and they decide to make this year’s snowman a snowlady.

The Snowman

This wordless book is beautifully illustrated. It’s another one I remember from my own childhood.

The Mutts Winter Diaries

It’s wintertime for our favorite furry friends, Earl and Mooch, and they have a lot to do to get ready to hibernate.

The Gruffalo’s Child

The sequel to The Gruffalo. This one always makes my daughters laugh. You can also watch both on Netflix.

Check out these 29 great must read winter books for kids at hsbapost.com

The Very Fairy Princess: A Winter Wonderland Surprise

One in a series written by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. My girls have enjoyed these books.

Eloise Skates!

Another fun series about a spunky girl named Eloise.

The Snowy Day

How can I not include this Caldecott Medal winner? Everyone loves The Snowy Day!

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

Rhyme follows rhyme as layer after layer of winter clothing (“bunchy and hot, wrinkled a lot, stiff in the knee, and too big for me!”) is first put on and then taken off to the relief of the child bundled inside.

Tacky and the Winter Games (Tacky the Penguin)

Tacky the Penguin learns about the Winter Games in this funny book about winter sports.

Snow Bugs: A Wintery Pop-up Book (Bugs in a Box Books)

This next installment of the wildly popular Bugs series captures what everyone loves about chilly weather! From snowflakes and ski lifts to hot chocolate and snow angels, this new title is a perfect way to stay warm during the cold days of winter!


Pull on your mittens and head outside with Lois Ehlert for a snowball day! Grab some snow and start rolling. With a few found objects, like buttons and fabric and seeds, and a little imagination, you can create a whole family out of snow.

Winter is Here!

Build snowmen, bake cookies, discover nature at rest and explore your winter world in this charming book for children.  As the second book in a series of four about the seasons Winter is Here! celebrates all there is to love about the season.  Original watercolor illustrations by the author accompany the charming text, bringing winter to life for you and your child.  From nature slowly falling asleep and hibernating to the joys of playing outside in the snow and baking in the kitchen, Winter is Here! is a wonderful book that is sure to delight!

Cyril The Squirrel And The Nut Thieves

Rhyming picture book with a cute story. It’s winter in the wood, and young Cyril is heading out to dig up some nuts to eat. When he reaches the spot he buried them in, though, he doesn’t find what he expects.

Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money

A math living book! A lemonade stand in winter? Yes, that’s exactly what Pauline and John-John intend to have, selling lemonade and limeade–and also lemon-limeade.

Magic Tree House #32: Winter of the Ice Wizard

Another installment of the Magic Tree House series with a wintery theme.

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder

Another favorite for us. How do snow crystals form? What shapes can they take? Are no two snow crystals alike? These questions and more are answered in this visually stunning exploration of the science of snow. Perfect for reading on winter days, the book features photos of real snow crystals in their beautiful diversity. Snowflake-catching instructions are also included.

The Mitten

Who doesn’t love this classic from Jan Brett? It has been a favorite for years in our family.

Animals in Winter (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science)

We first read this one years ago as part of our Heart of Dakota curriculum. Great for learning about hibernation and migration and how animals cope with the winter.

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What are your favorite winter books to read?

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