Nessy Learning Online for Struggling Readers

Learning to read is essential to learning overall, which is why it’s such a milestone in our homeschooling endeavors. If you have a struggling or reluctant reader, it magnifies the issue and tends to put pressure on both you and your child. That’s a shame because reading should be encouraged as an enjoyable activity, but it doesn’t always work out that way for everyone. What do you do when you feel like you’ve tried everything to help your child to read and they’re still struggling?

First of all, take a deep breath. It will be okay. It might not happen in the timing or the way that you want, but unless there are other underlying issues, your child will learn to read.

Second of all, take a different approach. Do you understand your child’s learning style? Have you tried things like this free CVCe word list printable? There are many things to consider when you’re homeschooling a struggling reader.

Have you tried adding multisensory activities into reading? What about gameifying it? This approach has been working for us with my struggling reader. If she can’t also hear, touch, or interact with the lessons in addition to just seeing the words, she loses her focus.

Nessy Learning Online for Struggling Readers | homeschool review

Disclaimer: I received a trial subscription to Nessy Learning. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. I was compensated for my time to write about our experience.

My daughter loves books. She wants to read. However, she struggles with some of the letter sounds and remembering how to sound them out. We’re using Nessy Learning online to help with that and make reading into a game that she can more easily remember.

As much as we love books and reading in our family, I was willing to give Nessy a try to help improve my daughter’s skills. There’s no sense in being a reading purist if it’s killing the joy of reading in your kids, right? We received access to the Nessy Parent Pack online and my youngest daughter (7) has been working through it.

Nessy Reading and Spelling | homeschool review

What is included with the Nessy Parent Pack?

Although you can get Nessy Reading and Spelling alone, we were glad to have the opportunity to use the other Nessy learning options, too.

Nessy spelling online | homeschool review

Nessy Learning for Struggling Readers

You know those other underlying issues I mentioned at the beginning of the post? Nessy can help with that as well. There is a special section to help with dyslexia, along with an ebook for parents to learn more about it. I’ve also found that these kind of learning games work well for my daughter’s ADHD quirks. Nessy says this on their website:

The Nessy purpose is to help children who learn differently.

Considering I have a child on the autism spectrum and another with ADHD tendencies, this is important to me. They both need those multisensory, engaging lessons to help them make progress. It makes learning less of a chore.

Nessy Learning Monkey Town | homeschool review

My daughter actually asks to use Nessy. She enjoys it. She gets a feeling of accomplishment when she earns “nuggets” in the games. She doesn’t want to stop until she’s reached her goal. We print out the certificates she earns as well. The look on her face is priceless! This can make a huge difference for a child who has lost confidence in “getting it right” when they’re trying so hard to read.

Nessy game report | homeschool review

Part of the program, Yeti Mountain, is specifically to help identify dyslexia issues. There is no pressure and my daughter enjoyed this “game” without realizing its significance. I was glad to see that letter reversal was not one of her struggles.

Nessy Yeti Mountain | Nessy Reading and Spelling | homeschool review

Her favorite parts of Nessy are Yeti Mountain and Writing Beach. I am so impressed by how much her grammar skills have increased since using Writing Beach. She is learning parts of speech and proper punctuation. Now when we play Mad Libs as a family, she doesn’t need a constant reminder about the difference between nouns and verbs! She remembers the visual images from Writing Beach.

The reading techniques she has learned actually carry over beyond the games. We were reading some of our BOB books and she was decoding words that she didn’t before. She told me that Nessy has helped and I see it in action.

Nessy clock | homeschool review

In addition to the reading and spelling, my daughter has been able to work on her math skills with Nessy Numbers. She is working through the times tables, which is something that she had no interest in even trying before Nessy. This has been a great bonus for us!

Nessy certificate | homeschool review

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