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Relationships are the Heart of our Homeschool

What is the heart of your homeschool? Character and connection are the building blocks we need to encourage curiosity and nurture creativity. This means our family relationships are at the heart of all we do in our homeschooling.

I know the long-held stereotype of “socialization” and homeschoolers.  Yet maintaining and encouraging relationships in our homeschool is essential.  There is a level of togetherness in homeschooling families that many others don’t have, which means we need finely-tuned interpersonal skills.

How do you strike a balance between the roles of wife, mother, teacher, and everything else that being a homeschool mom requires?

How can siblings get along when they not only share parents, toys, and meals, but also a “one-room schoolhouse“?

How can you spend quality time with your spouse when there are so many demands for your time and attention all.the.time?

Where do you fit in time to spend in prayer and Bible study?

The Heart of Homeschooling

I don’t have all the answers, but I know that nurturing these relationships is imperative. To teach your children the basics, you need to know how they learn.  To know how they learn best, you must know them. To share your faith with them, you must know their struggles and their strengths. Josh McDowell said that “rules without relationship lead to rebellion” and I believe that’s true.

art time together
Art time together.

All relationships require communication to be successful. That includes our spiritual relationship with Jesus. He is the center of our homeschool and if I let my relationship with Him slide, it shows in everything I do. This means that prayer is mandatory. Just like our physical bodies wouldn’t last long without food and water, our spiritual life falls apart when we don’t talk to Jesus.

Even though my husband isn’t involved in the daily homeschool lessons (he does special projects, especially for science), it’s important that I communicate with him about what is going on with the girls and what they are learning.  They enjoy sharing the highlights with him.  I also need to remember to take off that “homeschool mom” hat and enjoy talking with him about things other than school work.

Let’s be honest — even with the best of friends, there are times when we just get on each others’ nerves.  That gives us a chance to practice the important character qualities of compassion, forgiveness, and loving kindness.


I hold these relationships very dear and without them, we could not homeschool successfully.

It’s so easy to let academics take priority over relational health in the quest for excellence. But as followers of Christ, the way we love our neighbors — starting with our own spouse and children — is what matters most. 

How do you nurture the relationships in your life and homeschool?





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  1. My whole family has grown so much closer through homeschooling. I’m not saying that everyday is perfect, but I being together every day has given us a chance to know each other so much better.

  2. It is fun to watch my boys teach each other. They are 6 & 4, but since we are homeschooling, I think we are all a little bit more in-tune to learning that is all around us. It is not just something that is done “at school.” I hope that makes sense. My oldest went to a preschool last year, and while I had a general idea about the things he was learning, I didn’t really know all he was doing because i wasn’t there. Homeschooling seems to bring us closer because we are all part of the process TOGETHER.

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