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Night Night Devotions for Children


Bedtime stories are such an important part of childhood. Why not use that sweet bedtime routine to share stories of faith with your children? Night Night Devotions: 90 Devotions for Bedtime by Amy Parker is a gentle way to include devotions in your nightly routine.night night devotions book review

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Night Night Devotions for Children

I always look forward to sharing great stories with my daughters. When I can include stories of faith to introduce them to the important people, places, events, and character lessons of the Bible, I’m happy to do so.

Prayers at bedtime are also an essential part of our routine. This has been our tradition for years and we all look forward to it, even though my daughters are beyond the preschool to early elementary age range now. Starting when they were little helped to cement those good habits for life.

Night Night Devotions can help you start or strengthen the habits of reading and praying with your children in a simple and lovely way.

Description from the publisher:

Bedtime is the perfect opportunity to snuggle your little ones close and remind them of God’s presence and love. In this book of 100 devotions for kids ages 3–7, bestselling author Amy Parker and illustrator Virginia Allyn invite you to begin a tradition of prayer and devotions with your children to carry them through the years to come.

Each of the devotions in Night Night Devotions begins with a Bible verse and includes Night Night questions to encourage interaction with your children. If you want to use the book as a companion to Night Night Bible Stories, the devotions have corresponding titles that accompany each Bible story—with much more in between! Each devotion ends with a rhyming Night Night Prayer that emphasizes God’s love and care, such as . . .

Dear God, I love You more than

There are fishes in the sea,

But there’s no way that I could love You

More than You love me!

Night night, God.

With cheerful, colorful artwork and sweet Night Night rhymes, this devotional is sure to become your family’s new bedtime favorite.

About the Author

Amy Parker is the author of the Night Night series of books. Night Night Devotions is the latest, but the series also includes:

Night Night, Sleepytown

Night Night Bible Stories

Night Night Farm

Night Night, Zoo

Night Night, Train

Night Night, Jungle

These board books and hardcover picture books are a sweet addition to your bedtime story routine. I always like to find a series that my daughters particularly like because it’s safe to say that they’ll enjoy all of the books in the series. Having a familiar book at bedtime can help them wind down to sleep.

Devotions for Children

Even though my daughters are now past the target age range, we can still appreciate a lovely picture book. Night Night Devotions has sweet illustrations, gentle rhymes, and soft colors that all combine to make this an inviting book. I would feel good about giving this book as a gift to friends and family with young children.

What is your bedtime routine with your little ones? I think Night Night Devotions would make an excellent addition to your nightly prayer and storytime.

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