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7 Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

While you and the kids may be taking a break from formal academics for the summer, one thing you want to encourage year round is reading! Make it fun, get creative, and watch the pages turn this summer while you encourage summer reading for kids!

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How to Encourage Summer Reading for Kids

  1. Make Reading Nooks– Nooks, nests, tents, corners, etc. Set up fun and comfy little reading areas for your child. Include baskets of simple and challenging books. Throw a blanket and pillows on a hammock, pop up a fun teepee in the backyard, or put a low shelf next to a soft chair in the corner – invite them in! Surprise your child with a reading area or let them be involved in creating it with you.

  2. Start a summer reading club– Find friends and family in the area who are interested too and start a summer reading club where your child reads a chapter or two, or a simple book depending on the age. Then, get together once a week to talk about what was read. Serve themed snacks and include a simple art project that goes along with your chosen book.

  3. Provide seasonal reading– Set out fiction and non-fiction books about the beach, nature, swimming, and other fun summer activities. Even little ones will enjoy picture books on the subject. This helps make the reading more relevant to your child. It may encourage them to try a new summer activity or explore outdoors a little more.

  4. Offer rewards– It doesn’t have to be money or candy. Keep it fun, simple, and creative. Set up reading goals and when your child reaches them offer up fun rewards like getting to stay up an extra 15 minutes, going for ice cream, a trip to somewhere fun, or a new book from the bookstore!

  5. Craft summer bookmarks– Create summer bookmarks using pressed flowers and leaves or other natural items to keep their place in a favorite book. Place items between contact paper to make them last longer.

    free printable bookmarks for kids


  6. Create a reading log– Sometimes just seeing their own progress is reward enough. You can print off a reading log, let them put stickers on a paper to track how many books or chapters they read, or another way to keep tabs on their reading. The visual of how far they have gone will spur them on to reading more! Try these printable reading logs for inspiration: Boy theme or Girl theme.

  7. Read yourself!– If your kids catch you spending your leisure time (I know — what’s that?) this summer curled up in the hammock with a book, or beating the heat in the house with a bestseller they are more likely to do their own reading.  Pile up on the couch for bedtime stories as a family and keep the tradition going year round.

 I also recommend these FREE READING RESOURCES by Reading Eggs, where you can download printables and get a free 30-day trial.


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