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Princess Perfect Tips for Throwing a Frozen Themed Party

A Frozen themed party is perfect for any time of year, whether it be to celebrate a birthday, milestone, or even a snowy day. Throwing your own Frozen themed party doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, you just need to know a few magical tips and tricks.

Take a peek below at some helpful hints and tips for throwing a Frozen themed party so you can ensure your guests a magical time. Believe me, the special princess in your life will always remember the fun! Even though two of my daughters have summer birthdays, we have still been able to use these ideas for their parties.

Helpful tips for planning a perfect Disney Frozen themed party for your little princesses! heartandsoulhomeschooling.com

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Princess Perfect Tips for Throwing a Frozen Themed Party

1. Decide on a wintry color scheme.

You might automatically think baby blue is your only choice, but there are quite a few colors that reflect the Frozen theme. Consider violet, silver, white, blue, and even teal after Anna’s dress. These colors all mesh beautifully together and can be incorporated into décor, desserts, table coverings, balloons, and even invitations.

2. Find ways to bring the “snow” indoors.

A big part of the Frozen theme is, well, snow! But how do you bring the look of snow indoors? A great way to do this is creatively through your snacks and décor. Consider rock candy for a snack since it has an icy look. You can also use sparkly icing on cupcakes and cake. Place fake snow in your tablescapes, and rim drink glasses with granulated sugar. All of these are great way to bring the look of snow to the party.

3. Include a princess dress up box.

Let your little princesses play the part with a dress up box. Fill a box with princess gowns, sashes, tiaras, wands, and other fun dress items such as gloves and shawls. Invite the children to help themselves and get dressed up in the items. You can even create a photo booth with a disposable camera for them to have their picture taken in.

4. Try a “Do you wanna build a snowman” craft.

You can invite your princesses to build their own snowman several different ways. You can give them poms poms and embellishments and plenty of craft glue to create their own. Or, you can give then precut white foam circles and allow them to create their own. Building a snowman is a fun craft no matter what time of year. Don’t forget to name him when done!

5. Include Frozen themed snacks.

There are many ways to tie the theme into your snacks. You can serve Olaf noses, really just a bowl of carrots with dip. Olaf eyes can be raisins or chocolate covered peanuts. You can also serve Anna apples and dip, Elsa’s elaborate cupcakes, and of course, melted snow which is bottled water. Find ways to play on the words and create some fun and whimsical snacks.

6. Don’t forget the soundtrack.

Play some background tunes to get your guests in the mood of the theme. The movie soundtrack is a perfect way to do this. You can also use this music to enjoy dance time, musical chairs, and of course a group sing-a-long. Include the lyrics for little princesses to follow so everyone can join in! My parents got my girls a kids’ karaoke machine along with the Frozen soundtrack, so we can sing along and display the lyrics right on our TV.

7. Remember, it is all in the details!

Find ways to make even the smallest details Frozen themed. Sprinkle a little fake snow at the door entrance, mark the mailbox with some color themed balloons, turn the punch bowl icy blue with food coloring, call each guest “princess” and send each guest home with a themed parting gift such as wand, snowflake cookie,  or coloring book from the movie. You can find these at your local dollar store!

Give these tips a try and see how fun it can be to throw a Frozen themed party of your own. You are sure to have a snowy, magical time fit for a princess!

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Have you ever thrown a Frozen themed party? Any ideas to share?

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  1. My oldest daughter had a Frozen themed party for my granddaughter last September. It was wonderful! This would have been a handy article for her read then. Lots of good ideas!

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