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Creative Bible Study for Kids

Daily Bible study for kids is an important part of discipling our children as we educate them and help them to grow in their faith and character. Here are eight ways we include Bible time daily in creative ways.

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Creative Bible Study for Kids

As we go through the daily rhythms and routines in our homeschool, I want to include creative Bible time for my daughters. Although that includes the usual things like scripture memorization and devotions, I also like to incorporate multisensory, hands-on activities. These are activities we can do together that will help my daughters to include Jesus in their daily routine in dynamic ways. If you’re looking for inspiration for creative Bible study for kids, I hope these ideas will help!

Morning Devotions

Start your day off with children doing a Bible reading, discussion, or even a study guide meant for their age level. This is a sweet start to the day and sets the tone for their daily walk. Read more ideas in this post: How Great is our God Devotional for Children

Scripture Memorization

Help your children memorize key verses that will teach them to understand the Bible and God’s nature, the grace and forgiveness that Jesus offers, and the Holy Spirit’s comfort and help. This is the best way of putting on the Armor of God.



You can simply assign certain verses or pick up one of the many copywork books available. There are even many free printables that you can find with common verses that are great for your children to learn.


Check this out to get you started: Fruit of the Spirit Bible Activity Pack

Fruit of the Spirit

Bible Journaling

Bible journaling is a new form of Bible study combined with art that has gained popularity in recent years. If you are not comfortable writing or having your child write in their Bible you can use Scripture coloring books or have them write verses in a blank journal and decorate with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. This would be a wonderful hobby to begin together.



Incorporating worship naturally into your day and not just on Sundays can help foster a close walk with Jesus. Sing and listen to hymns, traditional Bible songs, Contemporary Christian music, gospel, or whatever your favorite is. We like the WOW cds and listening to K-Love streaming online.


Play games

We have several fun games we like to incorporate into our homeschool day or even on family game night that encourage cooperative play, Bible Knowledge and other positive messages.

Bible Sequence

Bible Blurt

Bible Scattergories

Bible Mad Gab

Hands-on Bible Studies

These Bible study resources draw children into the Bible stories and help them to understand both Old and New Testament people, places, and events. We love all of these in our homeschool — I’ve learned from them too!

  • Grapevine Bible Studies — draw through the entire Bible with stick figures
  • What’s in the Bible? — excellent (and fun) presentation of the entire Bible on DVDs, using puppets created by Phil Vischer of Veggie Tales

gospel grab bag

Bedtime Prayers

Take some extra time teaching your child how to pray, listening to their prayers, and letting them hear you pray. Remind them to ask for forgiveness and praise God for the blessings of the day. Read more here: Night Night Devotions for Children


What are your ideas for creative Bible time for kids?



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