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What’s the Big Deal about Homeschooling Methods?

Not sure how to choose a homeschooling method? Not even sure about the options or why it matters? This should help.

choosing a homeschool method

When I talk to new homeschoolers, I often get questions about homeschooling methods. It’s a big topic when you first start researching homeschooling and it can be confusing. You’ll find people who staunchly stick to one particular method without wavering. They will swear that there is only one right way. That can be intimidating to someone who is just starting to homeschool!

Let me reassure you, a homeschooling method might serve as a guiding principle in your teaching and curriculum choices, but it will not make or break your homeschool efforts.

Your children can have a rich and rewarding educational experience no matter what method you finally choose. Or even if you change methods from time to time. Or — gasp! — don’t stick to one method at all.

You might want to check out this resource: What’s your homeschool style? (Free homeschool methods quiz)

In order to clear up some of the myths and legends of homeschooling methods and help new homeschool families decipher the nitty gritty need-to-know facts about them, I’ve written an ebook on the topic. Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling Methods is a concise look at ten of the current most popular homeschooling methods.

quick start guide to homeschooling methods book

The homeschooling methods covered in the book include:

*The Charlotte Mason Method of Homeschooling
*The Classical Method of Homeschooling
*The Montessori Method of Homeschooling
*The Delight-Directed Method of Homeschooling
*The Unschooling Method
*The Eclectic Method of Homeschooling
*The Waldorf Method of Homeschooling
*The Distance Learning Method of Homeschooling
*The Workbox Method of Homeschooling
*The Boxed Curriculum Method of Homeschooling

If you need help cutting through the overwhelm and gaining some clarity on your homeschooling choices, this book is a great springboard. I wrote it to help new homeschool families get through the information overload that’s so common when you begin researching. It can also help families who have been homeschooling for a while, but might want to make a change in their approach.

Keep in mind, this book isn’t meant to be the final authority and dissection of all educational methods. You don’t want one more thing to add to your list of things to figure out when you’re first getting started! You want someone to help you sort through the details and make sense of them.

I designed the book to be exactly what the title suggests — a quick start guide for those who want an overview of the major principles, benefits, and drawbacks of each homeschooling method. It is an introduction to help homeschool families easily decide whether they want to pursue further information on a method or move on to the next option. It’s like getting a mini self-paced homeschool consulting session!

In addition to the ebook, I’ve also gathered a resource guide to more in-depth information on each homeschooling method. This is best when you have already narrowed down your choices and really want to delve into the details. You can find that free resource guide here: Homeschool Methods Resource Guide.

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  1. I feel like I am a combo of many philosophies. I guess that puts me as an eclectic homeschooler

    1. Yes, Cheri, I can totally relate. We’ve taken bits and pieces of several philosophies and ended up with our own eclectic blend of homeschooling. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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