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Homeschool Supplies: Headsets for Online Learning

Although our preferred way to learn is through living books, we also enjoy a wide selection of online classes as supplements and interest-led learning electives.

One of the most important tools for online learning is a quality set of headphones or headset to cancel noise, eliminate distractions, and provide a safe audio experience for our children.

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Best Headsets for Homeschooling

I want to stress the importance of investing in a good set of headphones for online learning. If your children are going to be doing online classes independently, they’ll likely want a way to listen without distractions. I know that ear buds are popular choices, but my daughters and I have never really cared for them. We don’t like that feeling of sticking them directly in our ears. Plus, I worry about the volume level.

I’ve recently had a chance to try out Avid headsets from AVID Products, Inc., which has given us a perfect solution for this situation. We received the following headsets to review:

Using the AVID Headsets

I used the black AE-55 headset with the USB connector and microphone to record an upcoming workshop for an online summit. I was able to get good sound quality with the recording using the attached microphone.

After recording my workshop, I played it back, using the headset to listen for any audio quality problems. It helped to tune out the outside noises while listening. The earphones had nice padding and felt comfortable.

avid headset with usb

The usb connector fit into the port on the front of my desktop computer. The wire was long enough to reach from the tower to a comfortable level where I was seated at my desk. I wore them for about 30-45 minutes and they remained comfortable, unlike earbuds.

Another nice feature is the volume control right on the wire. It has plus and minus buttons to easily adjust the volume up and down. You can also mute the microphone with a button on the controls. This makes it convenient to use for online classes when you might need to be muted sometimes, yet still able to join in a conversation quickly.

The blue AE-55 headset with audio jack connector and microphone was my youngest daughter’s favorite. She liked that it can be plugged into her phone, computer, and Kindle Fire. Any device that has an audio jack will work.

She said the ear padding was soft and comfortable, making it easy to wear them long enough to complete her online lessons. She tested them for anywhere from 15-60 minutes on different days and found that they were comfortable the entire time.

The microphone also worked well. She liked that it was adjustable so she could move it out of the way when she didn’t need to use it.

avid headset

Benefits of AVID Headsets

  • Safety, durability, and value
  • Eliminates distractions while doing independent study
  • Noise-cancelling microphone allows for clarity while participating in online classes
  • AVID is a US-based, small employee-owned company in Providence, Rhode Island. Established in 1953.
  • AVID offers a free headset recycling program

Using Headsets for Online Learning

AVID offers many different choices for headphones and headsets, depending on which type of connector you need and whether you’d like a boom microphone attached. Any of them can work well for online learning, gaming, listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. There are different sizes and styles available for early learning through teen/adult.

Here are some thing to keep in mind when making your selection:

1. Choosing the Right Headset

  • Comfort: Ensure the headset is comfortable for prolonged use. Look for padded ear cups and adjustable headbands.
  • Sound Quality: High-quality audio is crucial for understanding lessons clearly.
  • Microphone: A headset with a good microphone helps in clear communication during interactive sessions.

2. Setting Up the Headset

  • Connection: Plug the headset into the device’s audio jack or connect via USB/Bluetooth.
  • Audio Settings: Adjust the audio settings on the device to ensure the headset is selected as the primary audio input and output.
  • Testing: Perform a test call or use an audio testing feature to ensure the microphone and speakers are working correctly.

3. Using the Headset During Lessons

  • Minimize Distractions: Encourage the child to wear the headset throughout the lesson to block out background noise.
  • Volume Control: Set the volume at a comfortable level to avoid ear strain.
  • Microphone Use: Teach the child to mute and unmute the microphone when necessary to avoid background noise during class discussions.

4. Maintenance and Care

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean the headset to maintain hygiene.
  • Storage: Store the headset in a safe place to avoid damage.
  • Cable Management: Keep cables untangled and neatly coiled to prevent wear and tear.

5. Additional Tips

  • Breaks: Encourage regular breaks to prevent ear fatigue.
  • Monitoring: Periodically check the headset’s condition and functionality.

Using headsets can make homeschooling more effective by providing a focused learning environment and enhancing communication during virtual classes. For a selection of suitable headsets, you can visit the Avid Products online store.

AVID Discount

You can use code HOMESCHOOL to save 20% off your order through July 31, 2024. That’s a great savings on an already affordable headset, so don’t wait!

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