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I took an Ancient History course in high school. I’m not going to lie — it was boring. The textbook was dry as dust. That class was something I had to endure to get enough history credits to graduate. It tainted my opinion of history for a long time to come, unfortunately. It wasn’t until I started to homeschool my kids that I gained a new appreciation for history and it became one of my favorite subjects to study. Having great hands-on, immersive resources like Project Passport: Ancient Egypt from Home School in the Woods has made all the difference.

Studying Ancient Egypt with Project Passport

Two of our favorite learning methods include living books and lapbooks. This study of Ancient Egypt from Home School in the Woods includes both of these elements, so I knew it would be something we would enjoy. As soon as I read the words hands-on history I was intrigued.  I have to admit that ancient civilizations still aren’t my favorite part of history studies, so I’m grateful to find a resource that makes these studies easier for both my kids and me. I wish I’d had this kind of cool learning project when I was in school!

My girls (13, 7, & 5) are enjoying our Ancient Egypt history study and actually ask to do the lessons included in this Project Passport. I’m so glad they don’t have to dread history the way I did.

About Project Passport: Ancient Egypt

This project-based study is geared for grades 3-8. My 7th grader was the primary student for this, but the younger girls sat in for some of the reading, audio tours, and putting together the Scrapbook of Sights (lapbook).

Each lesson is a “stop” on the tour through Ancient Egypt. It’s put together as a sight-seeing expedition, which really draws the student into the history. It becomes a multi-sensory, cross-curricular experience where we learn what the Egyptians ate, how they dressed, all about their government and Pharoahs, their architecture, agriculture, archeology, and how this history dovetails with the Bible record.

The study can take 6-12 weeks, depending on your pace and whether you complete every activity. There are enough activities to keep you busy and keep the kids engaged in the study, believe me. From making authentic-looking Egyptian costumes to cooking Egyptian recipes or coloring paper dolls to visualize how they dressed, there is something for every interest. Even if you aren’t generally an arts and crafts natural, the clear instructions and example photos make these projects simple to put together.

Ancient Egypt History ~ Home School in the Woods

I printed the pages we needed as we went along after setting up the initial notebook with cover page. (Some of the lapbook components, as well as the passport cover and travel luggage should be printed on cardstock for durability.)  There is an overview page with clickable links to easily navigate to the next lesson and the pdf’s to read/print. It also includes the links to the mp3 files for the audio portions.

There are more titles in the Project Passport series and after seeing how this one works, we’re anxious to try the others!  Project Passport: The Middle Ages and Project Passport: Renaissance and Reformation are available now, with Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece to follow in the next few years.

Our Favorite Parts of Project Passport: Ancient Egypt

  • the passport, itinerary, and lapbook elements
  • the Biblical references so we can relate this historical time period to our Bible studies
  • the timeline as a point of reference
  • the detailed artwork of the lapbook elements and paper dolls
  • the high-quality of the graphics for a polished keepsake of what we have learned
  • hands-on activities that make history real and memorable

From a homeschool mom’s standpoint, I like this study because everything is clearly laid out for me to follow so I know ahead of time what supplies are needed and what I need to prepare. I also like it that the learning is adjustable for a wider age range so my girls can work on these projects together. They enjoy it more that way, too. No one feels left out and they are all learning!

Ancient Egypt History Project Passport


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