5 Reasons Why Children Should Learn a Musical Instrument

The best time to learn is when you are young. In fact, if you want your children to be experts in something, you need to train them as early as 3 years old. This is because, at this age, their cognitive abilities are faster and active. Acquiring a specific skill isn’t easy. It would take lots of time for practice and patience to get you to the end. If there is one skill you can introduce to your children, it should be playing a musical instrument. Read on to know the benefits of playing a musical instrument.

Reasons To Learn A Musical Instrument

Although learning to play a musical instrument isn’t a one-off process, the process can actually give your children the following benefits.

Enhances Skills

Learning to play a musical instrument such as the violin would enhance a child’s set of skills. Aside from the motor skills it can improve, your child will also learn how to think quickly while playing, read tabs or chords, and their musical orientation will become wider. Likewise, once they are motivated to continue their learning sessions, they will get to improve their time-management skills. Since mastering a violin would demand lots of time, children need to allocate enough time to practice.

Develop Talent

Playing the violin is one of the coolest talents a child can have. Not everybody knows how to play the violin. Not everyone can dedicate their time and effort in learning a violin. Once children grasp the skills in mastering the violin, they would soon develop a permanent and long-lasting talent that no one can take away from them just like their education. However, if your child is just starting to learn the instrument, it would be better to give them the best violin brands recommended for beginners. In this way, they won’t have a hard time mastering the instrument they’ll use.


Aside from the concrete skills that children can gain in learning a violin, they can also improve their behavior along the process. They will learn how to manage their emotions when they get upset or when the phase is becoming really hard to comprehend. They will also learn how to set aside unnecessary things and prioritize their rehearsals so they can speed up their learning process. All of these will boil down to the discipline that they need to impose within them. 

Being More Patient

Just like learning in a formal school, playing an instrument is a process that would require time, effort, and skills. It’s not a straightforward task, and there would be a couple of problems children will encounter along the road. They will soon develop the idea of patience. If they want to learn it, they would take every hardship and conflict as motivation to play hard and learn hard. 

Develop Confidence

Nothing feels great than accomplishing a task you dreamed of finishing. Once your children have learned to master an instrument, they will develop their confidence. They would have an overview of their skills and capabilities. They would reiterate to themselves that they can learn one of the hardest skills ever, and this is essential in building the confidence they need in real life.


The love for your children isn’t always limited to saying the sweetest phrases or preparing them breakfast everyday. Sometimes, you can express your love for them by encouraging them to get out of their comfort zones and developing their self-esteem. Pushing your children to learn musical instruments is an effective way to sharpen their cognition, motor skills, and improve their behavior. 

Don’t feel musically inclined? That’s okay! You can still teach your children about music. Read this post: How to Include Music in your Homeschool (Even if you aren’t Musically Inclined)

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  1. Most of these can be developed in multiple contexts besides just music, and only work if the child is internally motivated. Does it really matter if the joy of accomplishment is felt by mastering a difficult violin solo vs finally pulling off a Marseille turn in soccer vs finally figuring out how to do the Shurima shuffle in League of Legends? I feel like what matters is encouraging your child to push themselves to excel in an area of passion, no matter what that area is.

    1. I agree. Finding an interest or passion and encouraging your children in pursuing it is so important! Music is just one example of that. Thanks for commenting!

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